100 Prize Bond List 2024 Draw Complete result on 15-May-2024 and can been here.

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The 100 Prize Bond is one of the most popular denominations in Pakistan’s prize bond scheme, offering a chance for people from all walks of life to win substantial cash prizes. The 100 Prize Bond List draw is eagerly anticipated by millions of Pakistanis who invest in these bonds, hoping to see their bond numbers in the winning list. As we move through 2024, staying updated with the latest 100 Prize Bond results is crucial for all participants.

The 100 Prize Bond is a form of investment issued by National Savings Pakistan, offering not only a secure place to store your money but also the excitement of periodic draws. Each bond costs 100 PKR, making it accessible to a broad segment of the population. Unlike other forms of investments, prize bonds offer the dual benefit of being a secure savings option and providing the potential for lucrative winnings.

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Rs 100 Prize Bond Winning Amount

PrizesPrize BondNo. of PrizesWinning Amount
1stRs. 1001700000
2ndRs. 1003200000
3rdRs. 10016961000

1st Prize Bond Number, Prize Amount 700000 PKR


2nd Prize Bond Numbers, Prize Amount 200000 PKR


How the 100 Prize Bond Draws Work?

Draws for the 100 Prize Bond are held quarterly, meaning there are four opportunities each year to check if your bond has won. These draws are conducted transparently in different cities across Pakistan, ensuring fairness and wide participation. Each draw results in multiple winners, with the top prize often reaching substantial amounts, followed by several second and third-tier prizes.

Checking the 100 Prize Bond Result

To find out if your bond has won, you need to check the 100 Prize Bond list published after each draw. This list includes all the winning bond numbers and can be accessed through several channels:

  • National Savings Website: The most reliable source is the official website of National Savings Pakistan. They promptly publish the 100 Prize Bond draw result after each event.
  • Newspapers and Magazines: Many national newspapers and magazines publish the prize bond lists for the convenience of their readers.
  • Prize Bond Dealers: Authorized dealers often provide lists and can assist in checking your bond numbers against the winners.
  • Mobile Apps: Several apps available on iOS and Android platforms allow users to check their prize bond results quickly and efficiently.

Claiming Your Prize

If your 100 Prize Bond number appears on the 100 Prize Bond list, congratulations! To claim your prize, follow these steps:

  • Verification: First, verify your bond number against the official list from the National Savings website or other reliable sources.
  • Submission: Take your winning bond, along with a copy of your CNIC, to the nearest National Savings Center or designated bank.
  • Form Filling: Fill out the claim form provided by the National Savings Center.
  • Submission Deadline: Ensure you submit your claim within six years from the date of the draw to avoid forfeiture of your prize.

Keeping Track of Draw Dates

Mark your calendar for the quarterly draws to ensure you don’t miss out on checking the latest 100 Prize Bond draw result. Draw dates are typically announced well in advance on the National Savings website and other financial news platforms.

The 100 Prize Bond is more than just an investment; it’s a gateway to financial opportunities for millions of Pakistanis. Staying updated with the 100 Prize Bond list and the 100 Prize Bond result can make the difference between a regular day and an extraordinary one. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or new to prize bonds, 2024 could be your year to win big with the 100 Prize Bond. Keep your bonds safe, stay informed about the draw dates, and regularly check the prize bond 100 results to ensure you don’t miss out on any winning opportunities.

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