5 Highest Paying Entry-Level Jobs In 2024

There is a bright side, even with the present slowdown in the expansion of jobs in the United States.

5 Highest Paying Entry-Level Jobs In 2024

There are plenty of opportunities in the market for entry-level workers, as many of these positions come with generous pay and promising futures. Even if the expansion of jobs as a whole may have slowed, many sectors and occupations continue to grow rapidly and are in high demand.

According to a recent report by the job search site Indeed, “The Top 5 Hottest Entry Level Jobs of 2024,” the final list of entry-level positions was compiled based on two crucial criteria that Gen Z graduates and job seekers find extremely important: high salary and stability (year over year growth with no evidence of decline).

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Top 5 Highest Paying Entry-Level Jobs

1. Inspector

A quality inspector with entry-level experience can work in a variety of sectors, including construction, healthcare, manufacturing, and food production. The particular industry you operate in will determine which regulations you need to be aware of.

Education and Skills Required

  • High school diploma/GED
  • Six Sigma certification is also beneficial
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking
  • Strong attention to detail and accuracy
  • Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) from the American Society for Quality
  • Analytical and mathematical skills
  • An associate or bachelor’s degree in a specialist field such as engineering might be preferable for some employers

Career Paths

  • Quality assurance manager
  • Senior quality inspector
  • Quality assurance director

2. Quality Engineer

Similar duties to those of a quality inspector are carried out by quality engineers, who are more concerned with guaranteeing production quality. By developing quality standards and supporting documentation, they guarantee high standards in manufactured goods.

Education And Skills Required

  • Mechanical engineering bachelor’s degree or a similar degree
  • Skills in project management
  • The same specifications as before apply to quality inspectors
  • The American Society for Quality’s Certified Quality Engineer (CQE)
  • Knowledge of lean manufacturing concepts and quality management systems like ISO 9001

Career Paths

  • Quality Consultant
  • Senior Quality Engineer
  • Quality Project Manager
  • Quality Engineering Manager

3. RN (Registered Nurse)

Our healthcare system relies heavily on registered nurses, who will be in great demand in 2024 due to a 24% growth in their job share percentage. In order to administer care and develop patient care plans, registered nurses collaborate with physicians and other healthcare professionals.

Education And Skills Required

  • Associate degree in nursing
  • State licence
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) exam
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Capacity to operate in a rapid-paced setting and make choices under duress

Career Paths

  • Patient care director
  • Clinical Nurse Manager
  • Specialist nurses, i.e., critical care nurse, pediatric nurse, oncology nurse, etc.

4. Mental Health Technician

In hospitals or private facilities, a mental health technician plays a crucial role by providing direct treatment to patients with mental health issues. They provide them with all-around mental and physical support. This is a very hard role that calls for empathy, sensitivity, endurance, and flexibility. Notably, there is a considerable demand in this profession as seen by the recent 45% job share increase in this role.

Education And Skills Required

  • High-school diploma/GED
  • Strong communication skills
  • Eye for detail
  • Observation skills
  • Flexibility
  • Crisis management and intervention
  • Associate’s degree in social work, psychology, or a similar discipline
  • The American Association of Psychiatric Technicians (AAPT) has certified me as a mental health technician (CMHT).

Career Paths

  • Supervisor
  • RN within mental health
  • Therapist
  • Lead Technician
  • Social worker
  • Psychologist
  • Personal stress management

5. Police Officer

Being a police officer is perhaps one of the most identifiable jobs, thus it doesn’t need to be explained. But it’s important to remember that there’s more to keeping the peace and working as a police officer than meets the eye. In addition to participating in undercover operations that are eerily similar to movies, police officers also assist victims and refer them to other sources of victim care and advocacy. They also do community outreach and development programs and write reports in the back office.

Education And Skills Required

  • High-school diploma/GED
  • Police academy training
  • Problem-solving
  • Ability to think quickly and make a decision in a critical situation
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Diplomacy
  • Physical stamina
  • Leadership skills
  • An associate degree in law, criminal justice, or a related field is beneficial

Career Paths

  • Detective
  • Sergeant
  • SWAT team member
  • Police chief
  • Private security

These well-paying entry-level positions span several different sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare, and law enforcement. Additionally, Indeed’s job list offers a tonne of other options for you to think about, including insurance agent, civil engineer, and business analyst. The important thing to remember in this situation is to go for a job you are genuinely excited about, not just one that pays well.

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