9th Class All Subjects Notes in PDF – Matric Part 1 Notes

Matric / SSC Part 1 Complete Notes

Are you looking 9th Class All Subjects Notes in PDF ? Free download 9th class notes all subjects in PDF form of all boards in Pakistan and solved exercise, MCQ’s, exams questions.


Pakistan all board 9th class notes of all subjects in PDF form are available in our website to get 100% marks.


Are you need all subjects of 9 class notes and do you need to get 100% marks in the matric exams?
Then you are come at right places and you can learn and understand each and every thing in a very easy and simple ways. 

Download All Board Complete Notes for Class 9

Our website provide the students who do not learn and read subjects in their class room, those students can pick over notes very quickly.  

In this website, you can get complete notes of 9th class. In the 9th class, you read very carefully and preparation for the examination, because 9th class is base to your life and future study.

9th Class Mathematics Notes

Chapter 1:Matrices and Determinants
Chapter 2: Real and Complex Numbers
Chapter 3: Logarithms
Chapter 4: Algebraic Expressions and Algebraic
Chapter 5: Factorization
Chapter 6: Algebraic Manipulation
Chapter 7: Linear Equation and Inequalities
Chapter 8: Linear Graph and Their Application
Chapter 9: Introduction to Coordinate Geometry
Chapter 10: Congruent Triangles
Chapter 11: Parallelograms and Triangles
Chapter 12:Line Bisectors and Angle Bisectors
Chapter 13:Sides and Angles of Triangle
Chapter 14: Ratio and Proportion
Chapter 15: Pythagorean Theorem
Chapter 16: Theorem Related with Areas
Chapter 17: Practical Geometry – Triangles

9th Class Physics Notes

Chapter 2:Kinematics
Chapter 3: Dynamics
Chapter 4: Turning Effect of Forces
Chapter 5: Gravitation
Chapter 6: Work and Energy
Chapter 7: Properties of Matter
Chapter 8: Thermal Properties of Matter
Chapter 9: Transfer of Heat

9th Class Chemistry Notes

Chapter 2: Structure of Atoms
Chapter 3: Periodic Table and Periodicity of Properties
Chapter 4: Structure of Molecules
Chapter 5: Physical States of Matter
Chapter 6: Solution
Chapter 7: Electrochemistry
Chapter 8: Chemical Reactivity

9th Class Biology Notes

Chapter 2: Solving a Biological Problem
Chapter 3: Biodiversity
Chapter 4: Cells and Tissues
Chapter 5: Cell Cycle
Chapter 6: Enzymes
Chapter 7: Bioenergetics
Chapter 8: Nutrition
Chapter 9: Transport

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