Free Download – Lecture Notes Pure and Applied Mathematics

Free Download – Lecture Notes Pure and Applied Mathematics. Here notes of group theory, complex analysis, differential geometry and books notes.
Mathematics is branch of natural science which is based on purely abstraction and use in every field of natural science and social science. Mathematics is the oldest branch of science that widely use in real life world problems. Now a day, mathematics is extend in several field and lot of branches of mathematics have been developed. A lot of mathematician have been participate in the invention of mathematics.

Free Download – Pure and Applied Mathematics Lecture Notes

Function is most fundamental concept in the mathematics. Every problems in the real world is converted into a function and then function is converted into an equation. When function is converted into an equation, then this equation may be transcendental equation, polynomial equation or differential equation. A type of equation is polynomial equation which is may be linear equation or nonlinear equation. When degree of polynomial equation is one, then it is called linear equation and solve the linear equation in mathematics, linear algebra is play an important role to solve linear equations using matrices, in which linear equations in linear algebra converted into matrices and find its solutions. Non-linear polynomial cannot be solved in linear algebra. This types of equation can be solve in other book of mathematics which is namely as, numerical analysis or numerical method.

Graph theory
Commutative Algebra
Advanced Research Method
Classical Mechanics
Electromagnetic Theory
Theory of Relativity
Advanced Fluid Dynamics
Discrete Mathematics
Probability and Statistics
Introduction to Number Theory
Numerical Analysis
Functional Analysis
Topological Space
Vector and Tensor Analysis
Mellin Transformation
Hankle Transformation
Group theory
Linear Algebra
Complex Analysis
Differential Geometry
Ring Theory
Real Analysis
Ordinary Differential Equation
Partial Differential Equations

Pure, Applied & Computational Mathematics Lecture Notes

A type of equation that is widely used in physics is differential equation. The differential equation is converted into two classes, namely, ordinary differential equation and partial differential equation. This site contain lot of books to solve ordinary differential equation and partial differential equation. This site also contain books to solve integral transform equation, such as Fourier series, Fourier transformation, Laplace transformation, Millen transformation, Hankle transformation, Canonical transformation, Z transformation. These transformations are also used to solve the ordinary differential equation as well as partial differential equation.
Transcendental equation are always non-linear equation other complex non-linear equations which are most difficult to solve. To solve transcendental equation and other non-linear equations, numerical analysis is use and lot of methods or tools have been developed to solve this types of equations. In this site, you can get the books of Numerical Analysis in which books of all applied mathematics are solved numerically.

Free Download  - Pure and Applied Mathematics Lecture Notes

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