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Best Motorcycle Riding Glasses

All you need to know about buying motorcycle glasses

Because there are so many motorcycle sunglasses on the market with seemingly little differences that distinguish the wheat from the chaff, I’ve prepared a purchasing guide. The features to look for, as well as what you can expect to obtain at various pricing points, are listed below.

Here’s a quick rundown of everything you should look for in a good pair of motorcycle sunglasses:

Lens Type: The type of lenses used in motorcycle sunglasses is the most important consideration to make before selecting the best pair for you. If you bike during the day and night, you’ll need clear, amber, and smoked lenses. Photochromic lenses are a wonderful option if you don’t want to spend time replacing your lenses. Certain photochromic lenses, on the other hand, aren’t suitable for nighttime use. The best photochromic lenses are Cat 0-3, which means they adapt to low-light and sunny conditions. Finally, if you wear prescription lenses, be sure the glasses frame you choose is suitable for them.

Foam Padding: There are two benefits to using foam padding. To begin with, the padding will make it more comfortable to wear motorbike glasses. If you don’t have any foam, the wind will push your glasses into your face, which can be very uncomfortable. The foam can also act as a barrier against debris in addition to offering comfort. Because the foam provides a seal between the glasses and your eyes, debris will not be able to reach you.

Prescription: If you need glasses to drive, you must wear them while riding a motorcycle as well. Fortunately, you can obtain an excellent set of prescription motorcycle glasses. The bulk of the devices in the reading department can have prescription lenses added to them, allowing you to see clearly while riding.

UV Protection: Your eyes can be injured if you are exposed to a lot of sunlight for a long time. As a result, your safety while riding your bike could be jeopardized. The best motorcycle glasses have a UV-400 rating, which means they provide total protection from dangerous ultraviolet rays.

Strap Compatibility: Strong gusts can cause you to lose your motorcycle glasses, thus this is especially useful for those who wear open-faced helmets. When you’re not riding, the best models come with a detachable strap.

Polarization: Polarization is critical when picking a pair of motorbike glasses. Polarized lenses significantly reduce glare and provide a clear and crisp view of the road and other vehicles. Polarized lenses also help to reduce glare from the windshield of a car or from a wet road. Having increased lucidity when riding a motorcycle may help you avoid road hazards.

Wind Protection: The best motorcycle glasses for wind will protect your eyes from debris and dust when riding at high speeds. This design of eyeglasses often has foam padding in the eyecups to lessen wind resistance. Wraparound motorcycle sunglasses also provide wind protection.

Anti-Fog Coating: In certain settings, anti-fog motorcycle glasses contain a special coating that prevents fogging. You may lose sight of the road and be involved in an accident if your sunglasses fog up while riding. Many manufacturers prefer to develop superior wraparound frames rather than opt for anti-fog treatment because anti-fog coatings are difficult to integrate with other coatings.

Photochromic or Transitions Features: Photochromic or transitional features are useful for both day and night trips. Photochromic lenses darken when exposed to UV light and remain clear when not. This means that you’ll have glare and light protection throughout the day, and clarity at night. One drawback of this function is that these glasses never darken as much as other riding glasses.

Why do you need the Best Motorcycle Riding Glasses?

Rather than motorcycle eyewear, the motorcycle helmet is one of the most widely acquired accessories to match a bike. For the following reasons, it’s also critical to protect your eyes while riding your bike. It may be difficult to retain control while driving if road dust or wind gets too close to your eyes. Adding anti-reflective and anti-fog coatings to your glasses could also make your ride safer.

We’d Love to Help

It’s as simple as that. Here are three top-of-the-line safety eyewear glasses for your motorbike needs in 2022.

Please contact us by email or phone to learn more about these high-performing styles. We have members of our team on hand to assist you, as well as optometrists who can provide further information and assist you in establishing a more personalized approach to your daily safety eyewear requirements.


When riding your motorbike, protecting your eyes from the dangers of the road is just as important as any other form of safety. As a result, selecting the proper motorcycle riding glasses is crucial, particularly if your helmet lacks a wind-blocking visor. All of the products on our list offer excellent eye protection while still being reasonably priced.

The Bikershades Motorcycle Polarized Sunglasses are the best of the products we’ve listed here, in our opinion. They are fairly robust because they are made of polycarbonate. We love how they bend easily and are soft in the right places, making them really comfortable to wear.

Many riders are searching for the best bang for their buck when it comes to riding glasses, and we believe the Global Vision Kickback Motorcycle Glasses meet the bill in this area. At $8.54, these are reasonably priced, but they don’t skimp on UV protection or durability.

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