See MEPCO Bill

Sorry, we could not retrieve your bill for your reference number.
Please make sure you entered the correct reference number or try again.

How to check MEPCO Bill?

Here are steps to check mepco bills online:

  • Visit website.
  • Enter correct 14 digit reference number.
  • Now you will the latest bill amount with a due date.
  • Click on “Get Bill” to see the complete bill.
  • You may print or download a copy of the bill.

MEPCO Bill Email Service

Our bill email service is a fantastic feature that allows you to subscribe to monthly bills by supplying your email address and reference number, and you’ll receive your bill through email every month before the due date. This service is recommended if you are looking for bill SMS.

So, forget about other bill-paying apps and use instead; you’ll adore this (unofficial) service.

Readsblog is a responsive website, so you may see your bill total on any platform (desktop or mobile). To check your mepco online bill, all you need is the 14-digit reference number that may be found on any old bill copy. It is not possible to check it using a CNIC or a name. If you live in KPK, you can check your bill at pesco bill website.

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