What Is Insurance In Blackjack?

As a basic tactic, players learn to hit, stand, and split when they first start playing blackjack. The insurance bet, on the other hand, is one of the most popular and simple side bets available.

The insurance bet pays 2/1 and provides some protection should the dealer be dealt a powerful hand. Is it, nonetheless, worthwhile to place the wager?

Let’s take a deeper look at this insurance coverage to determine if it’s something you should get…

What is blackjack insurance and how does it work?

Blackjack is a simple game in which you must reach as near to 21 with your hand as possible without going ‘bust.’ However, sometimes all you have to do to win is beat the dealer’s total.

When playing online blackjack, the player is always the one to make the first move.

They must make the best judgment as to whether their hand is better than the dealers without all of the information. The player must decide whether to hit, stand, or double down based on the dealers up card.

But what if you had a way to protect yourself from the dealer beating your total? This is where insurance can help.


Insurance is a side bet that allows the gambler to risk half of their original wager if the dealer hits a natural blackjack (a hand containing an ace and a picture card for a total of 21).

Only if the dealer has an ace can insurance be taken. When this happens, the table on your computer screen will flash and you will be given the choice to place your bet.

The insurance bet pays out at 2/1 if the dealer does reveal 21.

Insurance betting’s benefits and drawbacks

To win at blackjack, the gambler must simply outscore the dealer’s hand. Any deadlocked hands, however, result in a ‘push,’ in which the player’s stake is returned.

In a game with a lot of decks, insurance can be a wise bet. The more decks used, the more cards with a value of 10 there are in the shoe.

The dealer has a better chance of making blackjack with so many 10-value cards to pull.

Insurance isn’t worth a shot if a player has a mediocre hand like 14 or 15. Save your money because you’re already in a bad position to win the hand.

In any event, it’s generally understood that taking insurance is a losing strategy for players in the long run. The 2/1 odds aren’t good enough to make the bet worthwhile.

Alternative blackjack side bets can be found online.

In Betway’s online casino, the insurance bet isn’t the only side bet offered.

A bonus wager of some sort appears in several of Microgaming’s versions. In the majority of circumstances, you can add insurance to any side bet.

Multi-Hand Bonus Blackjack:

In Microgaming’s version of European blackjack, players can wager on four hands simultaneously. In addition to insurance, you can place side bets to win 50/1 (Jack and Ace of spades), 25/1 (Jack and Ace of diamonds, clubs, or hearts), or 5/2 (Jack and Ace of diamonds, clubs, or hearts) (two cards of the same suit).


Gold Series of Blackjack in Atlantic City:

This is a one-of-a-kind blackjack game powered by Microgaming. It’s based on a popular variation of blackjack invented in Atlantic City, the US gambling hotspot, that allows players to surrender half of their stake if they think they’re about to lose to the dealer. If the dealer displays an ace, the insurance bet remains active.

Gold Series High Streak Blackjack:

High Streak Blackjack is a unique side bet that pays out if you win two hands in a row. Because the insurance bet protects against a dealer’s blackjack, experienced players can use both wagers to their advantage.

In blackjack, I’m experimenting with the insurance betting strategy.

If the dealer appears to be winning, you can buy insurance to get some of your money back. However, finding a blackjack game with a Surrender option is a better bet for players.

In Blackjack, how does an Insurance Bet work?

An insurance bet is a form of side bet that pays 2 to 1 and is usually half of your original wager. If the dealer’s upcard is an Ace, you have a good hand of 15 or more, and you are convinced that the dealer’s second card will award them Blackjack, you must play insurance.

If these conditions aren’t ideal, we suggest letting the chips fall where they may and proceeding with the hand as usual.

Example of Blackjack Insurance

Here’s a basic rundown on how to play:

Blackjack Insurance If You Win

  • You make a $10 wager.
  • A 9 and a Jack are handed to you.
  • Ace is the dealer’s upcard.
  • You pay an extra $5 for insurance.
  • The second card dealt by the dealer is a ten-point card, earning them Blackjack.
  • You win your insurance bet and break even (in this case, making $15).
  • hand that is winning

Insurance if you lose at blackjack

  • You make a $10 wager.
  • A 10 and an 8 are dealt with you.
  • Ace is the dealer’s upcard.
  • You pay an extra $5 for insurance.
  • The second card dealt by the dealer is a 4
  • You lose your insurance stake, but keep playing to see if the dealer can beat your 18-hand total.

When Should I Get a Life Insurance Policy?

When the dealer’s upcard is an Ace and you have a good hand of 15 or better, you should place an insurance bet. That way, even if your insurance bet loses, you still have a chance to win the round.

Players lose more than half of their insurance bets on average, and because the bet pays out 2 to 1, it can become a losing proposition.

Insurance bets might lose you money in the long term, especially if you don’t know how to count cards or use basic techniques.

What are the Insurance Bet Odds?

The actual odds of winning an insurance bet vary from game to game and are determined by a number of factors ranging from the number of decks used to the amount of 10-point cards given.


It may appear that the odds are stacked against players, but those who are proficient in basic strategy and card counting may be able to maintain track of the situation and recognize when the conditions are ideal for making a lucrative insurance bet.

Although playing online blackjack can be difficult, we recommend playing a few games of free blackjack to gain a feel for the odds and get used to placing insurance bets.

When playing live dealer or real money blackjack, the amount of decks utilized is equally vital to consider. The greater the number of decks, the more likely you are to lose your insurance bet.


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