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Dec 24, 2013

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Urdu InPage: Inpage has many features that can be written easily in Urdu, Arabic, Farsi, and Hindi. In addition, you can write another language easily with this program. The article can also be found on the web. You can write in various languages easily and quickly.

The Urdu website is easy to comprehend. The latest update on your PC and laptop for Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1, and 10.

Inpage Free Download Full Version
InPage Full Version

Free Download Urdu InPage

InPage is a Windows word processor and page layout program that was first created in 1994 and includes languages such as Urdu, Persian, Pashto, or Arabic. This is mainly used for the development of pages in the Urdu language with the Arabic script’s Nasta’līq type. As a standard Urdu publishing tool, InPage is commonly used on PCs that use the authentically crafted Nastaliq with a broad ligature library (over 20,000) to build their documents with Urdu while maintaining character displays on the WYSIWYG screen (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get).

Key Features of Inpage Urdu 2012

Here are the main features of Inpage Free Download Urdu Typing Software.

  • Multi-language support;
  • Easy to use;
  • Batool Font is introduced;
  • Insert tables & pictures;
  • Phonetic Unicode Keyboard;

Inpage Latest Version 2012 (2.0) (32/64-bit) Update

  • Multi-language support
  • Easy to use
  • Batool Font is introduced
  • Insert tables & pictures
  • Phonetic Unicode Keyboard
  • Compatibility with Windows 7 and Windows 10

InPage Pros and Cons


➕ Easy to use and navigate
➕ Provides a multitude of customizing possibilities
➕ Gives thorough details about every page.
➕ Provides a user-friendly drag-and-drop page creation and editing interface.
➕ Enables you to quickly and simply run A/B tests on various iterations of your sites.
➕ Contains monitoring and analytics tools to assist you better understand the functionality of your website.


➖ Limited assistance in languages other than English
➖ To access certain features, you must have a paid subscription.
➖ Some functionalities could be challenging for novice users to understand.

How to use Urdu Inpage Keyword?

Urdu InPage Free Download Full Version for Typing & Writing in Urdu, Arabic, Balochi, Kashmiri. Overall, this makes handwritten calligraphy more accurate for on-screen and printed results than any Urdu program on the market or any other. This is accomplished while retaining simple service, similar to previous versions of standard English Desktop Publishing packs, such as QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign.

Urdu InPage download full version of InPage 2000, InPage 2004, InPage 2007, InPage 2009, InPage 2012, InPage 2018 & InPage 2020.

InPage Urdu Software Free Download Version 2012

Urdu InPage 2012 was released and can be downloaded from Windows free of charge. Urdu Inpage 2016 is the latest in the free downloadable Inpage software series. Using the English keyboard, Urdu 2016 provides easy, fast, efficient, and accurate written materials Urdu, Punjabi, Persian, Balochi, Arabic, and Hindi. Inpage 2022 is also more usable and compatible with Android, and the new Inpage is now running in Microsoft Windows environments both x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit).


As in a word processor, users can immediately copy or cut text from the editor. With the help of Urdu Inpage 2016, which was not available in previous versions, is now possible to import images. Inpage Urdu is also compatible with Mac OS systems. This new feature also opens up and reaches new users. The most anticipated feature was the Urdu Spell Check tool and it is now integrated into Inpage. It is adaptable and can learn writing, and because of fewer mistakes styles can type faster.


The app is easy to use with a modern design. It has different parts to help users use it. On the left side, there are tools for making documents like changing text, arranging pages, editing images, and more. On top, there are buttons to do common things like starting a new document or opening an old one. At the bottom, there’s a bar that shows information about the document you’re working on or the things you’ve selected.


The app is not just for beginners; it’s also great for professionals who do desktop publishing. You can do fancy page layouts easily with its alignment guides. These guides help you line up text neatly on pages without needing to fix margins or spacing each time you edit. You can also add tables and pictures easily with the image tools in InPage for Windows 7/10. This lets you make beautiful designs in your documents fast, even if you don’t know how to use fancy graphics programs.


The app is made for everyone, whether you’re new or experienced. It has useful things like fixing mistakes as you type, finding spelling errors, letting you decide where text goes on pages, and more. Plus, there are menus and toolbars to quickly use all the features in the app, which helps when you’re working on big or hard documents.


Download free InPage offers a wealth of features in the program itself, but it also provides a wealth of support via its website. There, you can find blog posts, FAQs, forums, tutorial videos, and more, all of which can help you quickly become familiar with the app—even if you are completely new to desktop publishing applications. Additionally, they offer a live customer support team available to assist with any questions or concerns you may have using the app.

Advantages of Urdu InPage

Inpage is a high-quality Urdu typing app that Urdu wants to add a large number of users to the market all over the world. You can actually publish files in Arabica, Urdu, Sindhi, Hindi, Hazargi, and Arabic in Cashmere, Kurdish, Pashto, Persian, and Saraki in Arabica, Urdu, Sindhi, Sindhi, Hindi, Hazargi, and Arabic in Cashmere, Kurdish, Pashto, Persian, and Saraki. This is a very useful tool.

Overall, manual calligraphy is more “authentic” than any of the Urdu apps available on the market, both in terms of screen and print results. This is accomplished by performing a simple procedure and comparing it to previous versions of the QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign English computer graphics programs. Pak Urdu Installer is another website for writing Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, and other more languages.

InPage Urdu Latest Features

Inpage has several functionality, including the ability to write Urdu, Arabic, Farsi, and other languages with ease. You can also add photos to this program and write them with ease. The text’s primary goal is to build Urdu pages using the Arabic script Nasta’lq (Contacts to the corresponding languages).

  • Easy to understand.
  • Built-in themes for poetry writing.
  • User-friendly and attractive interface.
  • Very light-weighted application.
  • Add photos and images.

System Requirement to Install InPage Software

  • Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • RAM should be at least 1 GB
  • HDD free space more than 300 MB
  • Technical Details of Urdu InPage
  • Software Full Name: InPage
  • Setup File Name: InPage
  • File Size: 32.6 MB (Safe & Secure)
  • Setup Type: Standalone Setup / Offline Installer
  • Compatibility: Both Mode 32 Bit (x86) or 64 Bit (x64)
  • Languages: Multilanguage
  • License: Commercial Trial

InPage is a word processor and page layout program designed for languages such as Urdu, Persian, Pashto, and Arabic. It was first released in 1994. The text’s main goal is to create Urdu pages using the Nasta’lq Arabic script (Contacts to the corresponding languages).

The InPage servers are usually used on PCs that use Nastaliq’s authentic style, which includes a large ligature library (over 20,000), and keeps characters displayed on screen WYSIWYG (What-you-See-Is-What-you-Go) as the de facto standard Urdu publisher (What you see and what you get).

What’s new in Urdu InPage 2012 Version

The Urdu font is easily readable InPage ligation and gives a lot of vacant space in the display. It has a new version with one of the most advanced versions in Naskh. The Inpage version is different, so-called Inpage Professional. It also adds a text output type of calligraphy. On page 2012, for instance, is compatible with various RTF and PDF formats. The font is based on Naskh Unicode and contains over 60 fonts. It is also possible to save your work as an HTML file which you can open in a web browser.

This product is only provided as a demo and therefore must be decided to purchase by the user for full version access and premium unlocking of all tools. It also supports the number of characters and says how many words and characters there are or are present in a text document. Another great feature is that it automatically backs up your typed data from another PC drive in case of malicious or accidental Windows shutdown. The CMYK color page documents can also be imported and exported. On page 2012 files are also consistent with other software for editing text.

Why should you choose Edition 2012 InPage?

Urdu Inpage Professional is a trustworthy Urdu application. InPage Urdu is a complete version of Urdu InPage. Urdu applications Inpage 2014 complete edition. Inpage 2013 is a great piece of software.

Urdu Professional Inpage 2014 is a new version with several new features that make it easier for users. As with previous versions such as Urdu Inpage 2013, Inpage Urdu 2012, Urdu Inpage 2009, and so on, Urdu Inpage 2012 has features and specifications from previous versions.

Frequently Ask Questions about InPage Download

How can I write Urdu in PC?

Windows PC users frequently use InPage to produce documents (pages) in Urdu using the genuine Nastaliq font style, which is for Arabic script.

Compared to other Urdu typing software available on the market, its WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) editor produces printed and on-screen outputs that are more like to handwritten calligraphy. It became the de facto standard Urdu publishing tool just because of this functionality.

How can I type Urdu on Mobile?

Additionally, it features a mobile phone Urdu keyboard. The app may be found in the iPhone and Android app stores. Typing Urdu is made much faster and easier using its Phonetic Keyboard. The days of having to write the Urdu alphabet on a mobile device in English are long gone.

Documents can be written simultaneously in one or more languages. For Windows and Mac, there is a new word processor called InPage Urdu. A new Batool text font was included with InPage 2012, which was a nice improvement. A superior user interface will provide you with an excellent user experience.

Now that InPage Urdu typing program has a new spell check feature for typed words that supports both English and Urdu, both novice and expert users can benefit fully from it.

This version introduces Phonetic Unicode Keyboard capabilities that greatly facilitate typing Urdu. I recommend that you download this version of the program and use InPage to practice writing in Urdu.

How do I install InPage for personal use?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a free version of InPage that people may download to try out its Urdu typing capabilities. The publisher’s website sells the most recent version of “InPage 3,” which you can purchase and install using simple instructions.

While previous versions of InPage 2009 or 2012 may still be freely downloaded from dubious websites, we highly advise against using them. Alternatively, you may wish to remove InPage 2009, etc.

How can I write/insert/paste Urdu Text in MS Word and PowerPoint?

To begin with, you must download and install Windows 10’s Urdu language keyboard. Launch the Settings app on Windows 10 and select the Time & Language option. To install the Urdu keyboard, select Language and then Add a Preferred Language. Launch Microsoft Word, then select Urdu from the menu bar as the default language.

How do I open an InPage document in Word?

An InPage document cannot be opened directly in Microsoft Word. Converting InPage documents (.inp) to Microsoft Word formats (.doc,.docx) is likewise improbable.

However, InPage allows for export to the widely used RTF document format (.rtf), so you may utilize these files in practically any word processor and store them in Microsoft Word.

How do I open an InPage file (.INP)?

An InPage Urdu document is an INP file. For pages made with the InPage Urdu word processor and page layout software, it is the main file format. You can only open an InPage file saved on your phone by transferring it to a computer. INP file using the Mac and Windows InPage application.

How do I make a PDF from InPage?

A PDF file or set of pages can be saved. Choose File->Save as PDF from the File menu option in InPage to save the file as a PDF.

What operating systems are compatible?

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and Mac OS X 10.10 or later can all run the application.

What are the system requirements for InPage 32-bit?

Require a computer system with a CPU, an Intel Pentium 4 or above, 1 GB of RAM, and 500 MB or more of free disk space. It also needs Windows XP SP3 or later operating systems and a graphics card with at least 32 MB of RAM.

Does the app support multiple languages?

Yes, it supports a number of languages, including English to a certain degree and Urdu, Pashto, Persian, Arabic, and Sindhi.

How much does the InPage app download cost?

For seventy-five dollars, you may get the whole edition on the official website. On the same website, corporate or educational licenses are also available at a discount.

What are the features?

Text editing, custom fonts, typography, frame, column, and table layout capabilities, image manipulation tools for cropping, resizing, and color modification, and support for vector graphics and 3D objects are among the features.

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