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Jazz SMS Packages Complete in 2021 Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Complete List of Jazz SMS Packages for Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Here you can choose the subscription code of Daily, Weekly & Monthly Jazz SMS packages. You’re a consumer of jazz? Do you want to contact your fellow, employees, colleagues, or staff via SMS? You need a budget to give your friends a few messages without any pressure on your budget. Jazz cares about its customers and has designed various packages for you to subscribe to cost-effective SMS packages and take advantage of them. The Jazz packages every day, weekly, and monthly will allow you to connect with your students, family, and friends.

Jazz has made every attempt to provide all of its customers with high-quality facilities. Jazz provides consumers with an affordable selection of unique regular, weekly, and monthly SMS bundles. They can easily be afforded by each jazz client. Mainly because of its call and SMS packages the Jazz Bundles are well known.

Jazz has announced a range of SMS packages. Every single consumer appreciates these different package deals. Furthermore, the company provides new packages according to your requirements. If your needs and requirements are not met, no stress or just try another one, please choose any SMS package that suits you the best.

Must Read T & C Before Subscribing Jazz SMS Packages

  • The below listed SMS packages of jazz are for prepaid users only.
  • If you have appropriate account balance, the regular SMS packages renew automatically.
  • If there is not enough account balance, the SMS packet expires at the time of the expiry, and you have to recover the SMS bucket until the next recharge is done.
  • The company does not apply the tax if you want to verify the remaining SMS volume.
  • Just one SMS bucket can be received simultaneously.
  • It can be adjusted at any time, but for each conversion the standard charges are applied. There’s no free conversion.

Jazz SMS Packages Daily

Choose jazz daily sms packages in which also include net, call, and other network minutes. At here, codes of activation of daily sms packages are given below. To subscribe to any offer, just dial the code from your mobile keypad for the corresponding jazz bundle. Jazz is now for you, regardless of whether you’re texting all of the time or only if needed. Jazz is popular among mobile users for its impressive SMS services at reasonable rates and fast services. Also, the code of check remaining SMS, internet bundle, and minutes in the daily sms bundle are listed in the table. Show More

The “Daily Bundle” deal allows you to receive 1200 SMS a day for Rs. 4.77. You are allowed to withdraw with a code of subscription *101*1*01#. You can call *106*1# if you don’t want to read a lot, and you can use Rs. 2.38 with 150 SMS (Tax Inc.). By typing the code *106*4#, you will unsubscribe “SMS Plus.”

Jazz understands how important WhatsApp is for its users, so it integrates WhatsApp’s SMS offers. WhatsApp is one of the applications on virtually every user’s device. For power users, “Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle” offers fresh air. The competitive rates of Rs. 5.98 are 1500 SMS and 10 MB for WhatsApp (Tax Inc.). *334# is the code for a subscription. You are very unlikely to deactivate, but the code is *334*4# nevertheless.

1440 on-net minutes, SMS, and internet for Jazz Daily Mega Deal (Jazz+Warid) are available until Midnight. The Internet is 50 and 150 MBs. If the Jazz Daily Super subscription is required, dial *212# to use this fascinating deal for Rs. 17. (Incl. Tax). This offer is valid until midnight for one day. Register for this exciting deal for unlimited calls to on-net numbers (Jazz+Warid).

Jazz Presents Daily Punjab Offering for the whole day 100 minutes of jazz and 100 sms for Rs 8.4. Offer is available in terms and conditions of the cities listed. To use the package, dial your mobile phone’s *6000# code.

Mobilink Pakistan offers the Jazz Sindh Package (Selected Cities Only); the package’s price is 7 rs. The 1-day validity is 0 MB mobile Zong, 0 Free SMS, 200 net minutes, 0 off-net minutes. This kit is free of charge. With your Mobile Link, Sim by the instructions above you can easily find how to subscribe to the Jazz Sindh Package (Selected Cities Only). Deal only True for Hyderabad, Dadu, Jamshoro, Kotri, Tando Adam, Mirpur Khas, Tando Alayaar, and other areas.

Jazz Daily KPK offers pride to the people of Bajaur, Kurram, Charzadda, Chakwal, Talagang, Mardan, Jhelum, Mohmand, Taxila, Attock, Bannu, Haripur, Hangu, Tank, Nowshera, Kotli, DI Khan, Mansehra, and others. The following regions are to be considered for the pride of Bajaur Agence. Daily offer. The voice reward of Unrestricted On-Net (jazz+warid) minutes and 1500 sms can also be enjoyed from the Jazz KP Regular Bid. The data stimulus for this offer is 250 MBs (4G). The Jazz KP Daily offer (Selected Cities) can easily be sent to, and you must use *291# in one bundle to get this fantastic stuff.

SMS & WhatsApp Bundle

  • Charges: Rs. 7.2 Incl. Tax
  • Incentives: 1800 SMS, 10 MBs for WhatsApp
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • How to Activate: Dial *334#
  • To check Status: Dial *334*2#
  • To check Info: Dial *334*3#
  • How to Deactivate: Dial *334*4#

Daily SMS Plus Package 

  • Charges: Rs. 2.38 Incl. Tax
  • Incentives: 150 SMS
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • How to Activate: Dial *106*1#
  • To check Status: Dial *106*2#
  • To check Info: Dial *106*3#
  • How to Deactivate: Dial *106*4#

Jazz Punjab Package

  • Charges: Rs. 11.94 + Tax
  • Incentives: 1000 SMS, Unlimited On-Net Minutes, 250 MBs
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • How to Activate: Dial *6000#
  • To check Status: Dial *6000*2#
  • To check Info: Dial *6000*3#
  • How to Deactivate: Dial *6000*4#

Super Daily Offer

  • Charges: Rs. 17 Incl. Tax
  • Incentives: 50 SMS, Unlimited On-Net Minutes, 150 MBs
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • How to Activate: Dial *212#
  • To check Status: Dial *212*2#
  • To check Info: Dial *212*3#
  • How to Deactivate: Dial *212*4#

Sindh Package

  • Charges: Rs. 12 Incl. Tax
  • Incentives: 1500 SMS, Unlimited On-Net Minutes, 250 MBs
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • How to Activate: Dial *522#
  • To check Status: Dial *522*2#
  • To check Info: Dial *522*3#
  • How to Deactivate: Dial *522*4#


  • Charges: Rs. 12 Incl. Tax
  • Incentives: 1500 SMS, Unlimited On-Net Minutes, 250MBs
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • How to Activate: Dial *291#
  • To check Status: Dial *291*2#
  • To check Info: Dial *291*3#
  • How to Deactivate: Dial *291*4#

Super F&F Package

  • Charges: Rs. 10 Incl. Tax
  • Incentives: Unlimited SMS, Unlimited On-Net Minutes
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • How to Activate: *141*F&F-Number#
  • To check Status: *141*2#
  • To check Info: *141*3#
  • How to Deactivate: *141*4#

Apna Shehar Package

  • Charges: Rs. 10 + Tax
  • Incentives: 1500 SMS+Unlimited On-Net Minutes+100 MBs
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • How to Activate: Dial *229#
  • To check Status: Dial *229*2#
  • To check Info: Dial *229*3#
  • How to Deactivate: Dial *229*4#

Har Din Package

  • Charges: Rs. 28 Incl. Tax
  • Incentives: 500 SMS+500 On-Net Minutes+5 off-net minutes+500 MBs
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • How to Activate: Dial *558#
  • To check Status: Dial *558*2#
  • To check Info: Dial *558*3#
  • How to Deactivate: Dial *558*4#

Day Bundle

  • Charges: Rs. 13 Incl. Tax
  • Incentives: 300 SMS+300 on-net minutes+20 MBs
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • How to Activate: Dial *340#
  • To check Status: Dial *340*2#
  • To check Info: Dial *340*3#
  • How to Deactivate: Dial *340*4#

Karachi Daily Hybrid Package

  • Charges: Rs. 12 Incl. Tax
  • Incentives: 1500 SMS+Unlimited On-Net Minutes+250 MBs
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • How to Activate: Dial *400#
  • To check Status: Dial *400*2#
  • To check Info: Dial *400*3#
  • How to Deactivate: Dial *400*4#

You can also check:

Jazz SMS Packages Weekly

Jazz is also providing various weekly sms packages for their clients, including on-net minutes, off-net minutes, and online MBs with a great SMS bundle. The package contains most of these packages. This table consists of jazz SMS packages weekly, depending upon needs so you can select the most appropriate message package. Pick the best one of these jazz packages which are provided by the Mobilink organization. Jazz allows its elderly people who aren’t using the Jazz network. These old users need their old SIM reactivated and have a free Jazz gift got. Calling minutes SMS, bonus rewards contain enough MBS. Full information in the package list is available below. Mobilink launches the Haftawaar All Rounder Offer with 250 MB of data and 1000 Jazz minutes for the entire week for Rs 100, along with 50 network minutes and 1000 sm. To get this deal, dial the shortcode *747#.

The Jazz SINDH HAFTAWAR Deal subscription customer will have 10 GB of internet database of 5 GB, suitable for all Local Network networks, from 2 am to 2 pm, 5000 jazz minutes, 50 Other Network minutes, and 5000 SMS. Rs. 210 is included in the package price. The consumer will be allowed to charge Rs 237 due to government tax implementation. It is good for seven days.

Users can enjoy 1500 minutes for all jazz and warid customers after signing up to the Super Duper Deal weekly of Jazz. In addition to this, users will have 1500 SMS and 50 minutes of off-net. In addition, this deal helps users to remain linked by 3GB during the week with their loved ones.

Jazz/Warid-Subscribed Jazz/Warid packages include a total of 30 GB 2G/3G/4G mobile data to its subscribed clients. Ten GBs can be used for any purpose at any time. For use between 2 am and 2 pm 10GB is reserved. The other 10 GBs only have to use YouTube. The Prepaid Weekly Super Max package provides 6000 minutes of free jazz/warid for all local networks, in addition to the jazz internet packages. You think it all has to sell this kit, but you’re wrong. Not all because the kit also provides 6,000 SMS free of charge on every local network.

Weekly Jazz SMS Packages include thousands of SMS valid for seven days. The 4G Jazz offer involves 4000 text messages, 4GB of internet, and 400 minutes of calling. Insert appropriate your 4G SIM in *443*30# for the usage of a great bid. You will find specifics of the SIM network by calling *443*7# if you’ve no idea about your SIM card.

PackagePriceOffer DetailValidityCode
Punjab Haftawar OfferRs. 100 Incl. Tax5000 SMS, 50 All-net minutes, 10 GB Internet (5 GB 2AM-2PM)7 Days*307# to activate, *307*2# for status
Lajawab Haftawar OfferRs. 53.3 Incl. Tax2500 SMS, 2500 On-net minutes, 25 other network minutes, 2.5 GB Internet7 Days*565# to activate, *565*2# for status
Haftawar All Rounder PackageRs. 113 Incl. Tax1000 SMS+1000 On-Net Minutes+50 off-net minutes+250 MBs7 Days*747# to activate, *747*2# for status
Jazz Sindh Haftawar OfferRs. 210 Incl. Tax5000 SMS, 5000 Jazz/Warid Minutes, 50 Off-Net Minutes, 10 GB Internet (5GB 2 AM – 2 PM)7 Days*406# to activate,
*406*2# for status
Super Chenab OfferRs. 60 Incl. Tax600 SMS, 600 Jazz/Warid Minutes, 30 Off-Net Minutes, 6 GB Internet7 Days*664# to activate,
*664*2# for status
Jazz 4G Sim OfferRs. 0 Incl. Tax4000 SMS+400 On-Net Minutes+4 GBs Internet7 Days*443*30# to activate, *117*89*2# for status
Jazz Weekly Super Duper OfferRs. 200 Incl. Tax1500 SMS+1500 On-Net Minutes+50 Off-Net Minutes+3000 MBs7 Days*770# to activate,  *770*2# for status
Jazz Weekly Super MaxRs. 299 Incl. Tax6000 SMS, 30GB Data — 10GBs +10GBs (2AM-2PM) + 10GBs Youtube 6000 Jazz mins 60 Other Network7 Days*506# to activate, *506# for status
Jazz Haftawar OfferRs. 115 Incl. Tax1000 SMS+1000 On-Net Minutes+20 Off-Net Minutes+500 MBs7 Days*407# to activate, *407*2# for status
Jazz New Sim OfferRs. 99 Incl. Tax1500 SMS+1500 On-Net Minutes+1500 MBs7 Days*989# to activate, *989*2# for status
Sargodha Weekly OfferRs. 89 Incl. tax2000 SMS, 2000 Free On-Net Minutes, 2GB Internet7 Days*627# to activate, for status: *627*2#
Weekly All Network OfferRs. 155 Incl. Tax1000 SMS+1000 On-Net Minutes+50 Off-Net Minutes+1000 MBs7 Days*700# to activate, *700*2# for status
Mega Weekly Super Duper OfferRs. 250 Incl. Tax2500 SMS+2500 On-Net Minutes+50 Off-Net Minutes+5GB Internet7 Days*505# to activate, *505*2# for status

Jazz SMS Packages Monthly

Find the better package which you are interested in from the below several jazz sms packages for monthly. For clients who choose to trigger the pack once a month, jazz brings some truly fair monthly bunches. These packages also provide you with extras such as free internet minutes and MBs.

Jazz manages and provides its consumers with the finest packages ever. As one of Pakistan’s first-class telecommunications service providers, Jazz brings amazing mixes for its customers. Customers could now benefit from different packages on SMS packages from Jazz month to month.

With a complete month’s Jazz Super Duper Card deal, Jazz provides its customers with a very convenient and cheap service. This Package can be activated by customers. To activate the package, dial *601#. The regular fees for enabling this deal are charged.

Users earn Free On-Net Minutes 2000, Free Off-Net Minutes 150, Free SMS 2000, and Free Internet Data 30 days, including tax in only Rs.600.

A mini haybird kit is also a Jazz WhatsApp Package. Two GB of WhatsApp Data and more will be available. Offered during the month by Jazz Mahana Bachat, it offers 200 Minutes of jazz and 2000 SMS. Whit monthly Whatsapp offers a stay of only Rs.75 for the entire month with your friend and family.

Jazz Monthly Jazz provides 5 GB Internet, 3000 Free Jazz to Jazz Minutes, 150 network minutes free, and 3000 free SMS for its valued customers. The Jazz Super Duper Monthly bundle can be subscribed to by customers by dialing *706#. The Monthly Super Jazz price is Rs. six hundred (incl. Tax). For the Monthly Super Duper Jazz Bundle, the recharge required is Rs. 680.

Includes 2 GB Records, 2000 on-net minutes, 200 off-net minutes, and 4000 SMS in Shahdadkot Monthly Offerings. Rs.300 charges for this kit (Incl. Tax). It is available for 30 days. This deal is valid. To register, dial *873#. Dia the code *873*2# for checking status.

Jazz Monthly SMS plan gives 12,000 SMS over the entire month at the fixed rate of Rs. 70 per month for all networks and 5,000 MB of WhatsApp. To subscribe to this deal, dial *101*1*02# and check the status dial *101*2*02# on your phone for a month.

PackagePriceOffer DetailValidityCode
Monthly SMS & WhatsApp PackageRs. 99 Incl. Tax12000 SMS & 5 GB Only for Whatsapp & IMO30 Days*101*1*02# to subscribe & *101*2*02# for status
Monthly Super Duper CardRs. 600 Incl. Tax2000 SMS, 2000 On-Net Minutes, 150 Off-Net Minutes, 2000 MBs30 Days*601# to activate, *601*2# for status
Jazz Mahana Bachat OfferRs. 75 Incl. Tax2000 SMS, 200 on-net minutes, 20 off-net minutes, 2 GBs for whatsapp30 Days*614# to subscribe, Dial *614*2# for status
Shahdadkot Monthly OfferRs. 300 Incl. Tax4000 SMS+2000 On-Net Minutes+200 Off-Net Minutes+2000 MBs30 Days*873# to activate, *873*2# for status
Monthly Super Duper OfferRs. 577 Incl. Tax3000 SMS+3000 On-Net Minutes+150 Off-Net Minutes+3000 MBs30 Days*706# to activate,  *706*2# for status
Karachi Mahana OfferRs. 444 Incl. Tax5000 SMS, 5000 On-Net Minutes, 150 Off-Net Minutes, 10 GB Internet (5GB 2 AM-2 PM)30 Days*529# to activate,  *529*2# for status
Monthly Super Duper Plus OfferRS. 977 Incl. Tax5000 SMS+5000 On-Net Minutes+300 Off-Net Minutes+10 GB internet30 Days*707# to activate, *707*2# for status
Jazz Monthly Hybrid BundleRs. 444 Incl. Tax1000 SMS+10000 On-Net Minutes+50 Off-net minutes+1000 MBs30 Days (Daily 333 Minutes limit)*430# to activate,  *430*2# for status
DG Khan Monthly OfferRs. 300 Including Tax4000 SMS+2000 On-Net Minutes+200 Off-Net Minutes+2000 MBs30 Days*705# to activate, *705*2# for status
Jazz Sim Lagao OfferRs. 0.01 Incl. Tax3000 SMS, 3000 50/day & 1500 MBs (Except 6PM – 10PM)60 Days*551# to subscribe, *551*2# for status

Jazz Postpaid SMS Packages

PackagesOfferedValidityPriceCTABill IncentiveCheck StatusHelpline
J 3001000 On-net Minutes, 150 Off-net Minutes, 1 GB (500 MBs WhatsApp, Facebook), 150 SMS30 DaysRs. 350Dial *777#Dial *1111#Dial *2222#Dial 777
J 600 2000 On-net Minutes, 300 Off-net Minutes, 1 GBs, 300 SMS30 DaysRs. 600Dial *777#Dial *1111#Dial *2222#Dial 777
J 999 Unlimited On-net Minutes, 500 Off-net Minutes, 2 GBs, 1000 SMS30 DaysRs. 999 Dial *777#Dial *1111#Dial *2222#Dial 777
J 1500 Unlimited On-net Minutes, 500 Off-net Minutes, 7GBs + 1 GB Social, 7000 SMS30 DaysRs. 1500Dial *777#Dial *1111#Dial *2222#Dial 777

Some Features for Postpaid Packages

  • J300: Join Jazz Gold to get additional 1.5 GB/Month for 12 Months
  • J600: Join Jazz Gold to get additional 3 GB/Month for 12 Months
  • J999: Join Jazz Gold to get additional 6 GB/Month for 12 Months. Fair Usage Policy of 5000 minutes apply for this offer.
  • For J 1500: Join Jazz Gold to get additional 21 GB & 3 GB social/month for 12 Months. Fair Usage policy of 7000 Minutes apply for this offer. Rs. 1125 for 3 months due to line rent discount
  • Call Rates: Rs.1.75 / min
  • SMS Rates: Rs.0.75 / SMS
  • F&F Rates: Rs.0.75 / min

Terms and Conditions

  • Just call 777 or 321 for CTA
  • The Rs. 1500 security deposit
  • 0.75/SMS will be charged after the use of free SMS
  • It is paid 1.50/min after consuming free minutes
  • Billing fees included is RS 50 per month
  • Just dial *1111# to get information.
  • Rs. 25+ tax is levied for bill summary costs.
  • Get information about the Internet Package by calling *446#
  • Taxes are also applicable to the above-listed rates
  • 19.5 percent FED applies to use in Sindh (Karachi, etc) and 18.5 percent FED applies to uses in Punjab, Baluchistan, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  • Present postpaid can be changed by dialing 777 only by individual customers

Briefly History of Jazz

Because of its unrivaled wide range of packages, jazz is Pakistan’s largest telecoms service. Unlike different telecommunications companies, it no longer claims to provide the cheapest prices but claims to provide the greatest of services against your capital. Here, I will speak to you about all Jazz SMS services and you can also find out all jazz call packages. Choose the package that meets your needs, among the SMS packages listed below. Let’s move the list.

Jazz is a mobile telecom offering one of the highest standard SMS packages. The packages of these SMS are affordable and accessible. They are also easy to use. Due to the packages, it provides to its customers, jazz is considered a first-class business. Not only do they offer SMS packs, but they also offer off-net and on-net minutes and internet data (MB’s) in Jazz + Warid. Jazz provides its subscribers every day, weekly and monthly packages. It is known as one of Pakistan’s largest telecom companies in this era.

Jazz has launched exclusive discounts in addition to the SMS jazz packages. Through your SMS, you will receive WhatsApp or FB MBs. Choose the packages that best fit your needs from the SMS packages listed below. Let us get rid of the rundown.

Other Jazz Codes

  • Jazz Remaining SMS Check Code: *101*2#
  • Jazz Remaining Minutes Check Code: *110#
  • Jazz Balance Check Code: *111#
  • Jazz Advance Balance Code: *112#
  • Use Free Facebook on Jazz SIM: *114*5#
  • Remaining MBs Check Code: *114*1*2#
  • Mobile Jazz Internet Settings Code: Send “Internet” to 7342
  • Check Jazz SIM Number Code: *99#
  • Jazz Balance Share Code: Dial *100*Number*Amount#

FAQs about Jazz SMS Packages

Jazz Monthly WhatsApp includes 5 GB of Whatsapp, 12000 text messages. *101*1*02# is the activation code.
Give Free SMS in various bundles. Please scroll up and find all package plans with specifics if you want to search the details.
The user can send the text by SMS packet. Daily, weekly and monthly bundles detailed described above in the table.
You can subscribe to the weekly SMS package by *101*1*07*. Validity charges twenty rupees one week.
The subscription code is *311# for Daily Whatsapp Jazz. Please study in detail the above packages.

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