Modified Euler Method – Numerical Differentiation with MATLAB

Modified Euler method is another numerical method to solve the first order ordinary differential equation with given initial condition. This method is better compare to Simple Euler method. Because this method take an arithmetic average of slopes at xi and xi+1, mean, at the end points of each sub-interval. In this, we compute first approximation value to yi+1 and then improve it by making use of average slope. The local truncation error of Modified Euler method is O(h3)

At here, we write the code of Modified Euler Method in MATLAB step by step. MATLAB is easy way to solve complicated problems that are not solve by hand or impossible to solve at page. MATLAB is develop for mathematics, therefore MATLAB is the abbreviation of MATrix LABoratory.

The formula of Modified Euler method is

At here, we solve the differential equation by using Modified Euler method with the help of MATLAB.

% Numerical Method 
% Modified Euler method using MATLAB coding
% Modified Euler method also known as Runge-Kutta method of order 2
clear all;
close all;
x0=input('Enter x0=');
y0=input('Enter y0=');
xn=input('Enter upper limit of interval xn=');
h=input('Enter width (equal space) h=');
fprintf('    x              y            ynew\n');
for i=1:n
    fprintf('%f      %f       %f \n',x0,y0,y1)

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