Vivo Mobile Price in Pakistan

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See all latest and upcoming Vivo mobile price lists in Pakistan and other full detailed specifications according to model, prices, storage, and camera. Last updated 04 January 2022.

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Vivo Mobile Price in Pakistan

Vivo New Model 2021 Price in Pakistan

All of the best and most rated smartphones of the Vivo brand and their corresponding prices are listed throughout this category.

Vivo products are renowned for bringing for you a big bang, with incredible data at lower costs than many other main players. The business provides high-end processors on its phones so that consumers are unable to deal with heating or storage problems.

Vivo also has X5Pro, X5Max, and Xshot as its popular products. On the efficiency of the facilities, Vivo does not compromise. Their products are subject to a stringent performance appraisal process, which provides consumers with a great experience.

Among the most important features of today’s society is the battery. Vivo offers batteries that are highly capable of being connected all day long. Vivo Mobile Battery is a mid-range mobile phone power pack.

Vivo Latest Mobile Price in Pakistan

Along its path to perfection, Vivo launched the Xplay 3s, the world’s first 2K screen phone, in 2013. The most popular Vivo products are the X5Pro, X5Max, and Xshot. Vivo makes no compromises when it comes to service quality. Their products go through a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure that customers get a high-quality product.


You consider photography to be an art form for many people; as a result, you elevate mobile photography to a professional level, allowing your users to appreciate their beautifully captured moments.

With such a diverse selection of exciting and entertaining features in mobile phones, it’s tough to say which one is preferable. This page allows you to compare Vivo mobile to other mobile models based on price, specifications, color, display sizes, RAM, ROM, and camera range, making your decision easier.

Vivo believes that photography is a way for individuals to share their incredible experiences. They elevate photography to a new level with their products’ cameras, giving customers the opportunity to capture beautiful and memorable moments with emotion.

All mobile phones are photographed, and the descriptions include all of the specifications and features. This page also includes user evaluations of numerous mobile phones as well as video reviews. This website contains all Vivo mobile phone information, including images, specifications, comparisons, and reviews, as well as prices in Pakistan. Prices on the ReadsBlog website in Pakistan are updated every day depending on mobile market prices.

Vivo has the honor of launching their Smartphone X1 in 2012, which was the first to feature a Hi-Fi chip. On the very first smartphone, the X1 was the first to use this technology. Since then, the firm has stayed committed to giving customers the best audio experience possible.

This category contains all of the brand’s best and most popular mobile phones, as well as their corresponding prices. Vivo, a young Chinese technology company, was founded in 2009.

Brand Overview of Vivo Mobiles

Vivo Mobiles is tailored to the specific needs of our country’s youth. Since its launch in the smartphone market in June 2017, the brand has grown in popularity in Pakistan. High quality, innovative features, fashionable style, and superb cameras are the key reasons for its popularity and reputation. In terms of origin, a Chinese company develops and manufactures smartphones, smart accessories, software, and a variety of other online services.


Innovative technology is cultivated to solve customer concerns and set oneself out from the competition. Six research and development centers are investigating the top technology. While four global production centers provide superb products.

Its popularity and acceptance stem from its consistency, specifications, fashionable appearance, and awe-inspiring cameras. Users enjoy switching between them. The brand is so daring that it strives for ultimate perfection, surprising customers on a regular basis. It now has over 200 million members and is one of the most popular youth brands in the world. It is a forerunner and a motivator of young people’s culture.

Vivo Mobiles Updated Series With Advance Technologies

Choose the perfect mobile phone for you from our large collection of smartphones, with the right mix of hardware and features in the Vivo mobiles price range.

The V, Y, X, and S series of Vivo new model smartphones will be released. The most popular cellphones on the market right now are the X60 Pro and the Y33. The Funtouch OS, which is exclusive to Google Android, is used on these devices. APEX TM has introduced the world’s first half-screen In-display Scanning Technology, in addition to Screen SoundCasting Technology and an Elevating Front Camera.

With six research and development sites throughout the world, the firm provides unique things to millions of clients. Every cell phone is updated here on a regular basis to provide you with the most accurate price. Find out everything you need to know about Vivo Mobile Prices in Pakistan right here.

The V and Y series of phones were introduced by Vivo’s mobile division. Both phones include more ROM, RAM, processors, better speakers, and a microphone system, as well as high-end front and rear cameras and Hi-Fi audio chips, so you can take beautiful photos at all times.

Vivo Y Series

There are six models in the Y series, each with its own set of features. Perfect selfie with exceptional clarity and brilliant natural color; selfie softness that makes every photo soft and radiant; and beauty facial mode that hides any facial flaws.

Long-lasting battery; blue light filtering eye-protection mode; smart flash to help your face look lighter in low-light situations; smart card slots amazing screenshot, including long, rectangular, and humorous screenshot and screen recording; smart wake, which allows you to open your favorite program by utilizing different swiping patterns when the screen is off; and Bokeh mode, which blurs the backdrop of images in an artist fashion.

Vivo V series

The V series includes four mobile phones. These mobiles have the following features: Smart division that divides the screen in half and allows you to use two applications at the same time; App clone for the two accounts to log on to a Social Media app; fingerprint unlock; HD front camera for clearer selfies and pictures; Dual rear camera for focused images; Application mode that blocks all but the most preferred notifications; eye comfort mode that reduces visual fatigue by filtering blue light; pocket karos for instant unlocking.

About Vivo Brand

Vivo is a Chinese mobile phone company that was formed in 2009. He designs and manufactures smartphones and accessories, as well as software and internet services. By utilizing mobile, Hi-Fi audio processors, it focuses primarily on providing the best picture and audio experiences to its users.


In Pakistan and South East Asia, Vivo quickly grew. It produces and develops web services and applications, tablets, and fashion phones. The company’s sophisticated and dynamic physical equipment young and enthusiastic people.

The telecom company believes photography is a way of expressing oneself and sharing their wonderful experiences. They take the photograph towards the next level with their product camera, giving people an opportunity to catch lovely unforgettable moments in a vibrant manner.

Vivo has the distinction of leading the way in using the Hi-Fi chip in 2012 by launching its X1 smartphone. X1 is the first to use this platform on that first mobile phone.

The company has been dedicated in the last year to providing its clients with the finest audio experience. Vivo launches Xplay 3s, a business that is the world’s first 2k screen phone in 2013, continuing its journey to excellence.

Vivo has swiftly spread in Pakistan and Southeast Asia. It creates, develops, and sells software, cellphones, and smartphones online. The company’s sleek and vivid items cater to those who are young and energetic.

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