25000 Prize Bond List 2020 Check Online, Latest & Upcoming Draw Result and Date

Rs. 25000 prize bond list

Online Check Prize Bond 25000 List Upcoming & all Previous Draw Result

In order to see online all draws of Rs . 25000 prize bond list previously and upcoming are given here below. The first, second & third Rs. 25000 records are available upon that page, but press the full Rs. 25000 button for both the third prize list. You can however search for your prize bond with one or even more prize bond lists with our search feature instantly. We always have the power search bar in which you can search for your numerous different prize obligations and even enter the first and last numbers of the series even if you have them.

25000 Bonds Winners Amounts

PrizesPrize BondNo. of PrizesWinning Amount
1stRs. 25000150000000
2ndRs. 25000315000000
3rdRs. 250001696312000

You can find on this page all 25000 and other Prize Bonds Result of Pakistan’s National Savings with both the list of first- and third-premium winner. All rupee 25000 draughts are sorted wisely, as well as the entire results can be found on the corresponding tab. You see from the download button the Student Welfare 25000 Prize bond list.

Previous All Prize Bond Lists of Rs. 25000

Draw#Prize BondDraw DateCityView
#35Rs. 2500002-Nov-2020PeshawarView List
#34Rs. 2500003-Aug-2020LahoreView List
#33Rs. 2500004-May-2020RawalpindiView List
#32Rs. 2500003-Feb-2020FaisalabadView List
#31Rs. 2500001-Nov-2019MultanView List
#30Rs. 2500001-Aug-2019RawalpindiView List
#29Rs. 2500002-May-2019KarachiView List
#28Rs. 2500001-Feb-2019QuettaView List

Pakistan Prize Bond National Saving Scheme

The Pakistani government introduced a prize obligation scheme for different people from different denominations, which enables entrepreneurs to gamble and to earn points when prize bond drawings is declared so they should take an interest in this scheme. State Bank of Pakistan has taken steps to introduce this the most advantageous public scheme. National Banking Corporation bank has established rules and laws that can purchase prize bonds and sell them to citizens through National Saving Centers and investment firms.

The scheme for prize bonds is becoming popular with voters as people don’t fear expanding their business at all and can win the prizes with in prize bond drawing. You must initiate premium bond registration if you’d like to purchase the 25000 Price Bond. With the invested sum of your 25000 prize bond you will receive the 6-month prize bond profit. In order to use this facility, SBP implemented direct payment systems for the ordinary via public savings accounts or SMSs.

For the Bond 25000 Prize and even for any bond, Vumath.com offers an invaluable service, although if you are looking for a 25000 Bond List for 2020, you can access updates on the 2020 Bond List quickly and easily which allow you to check the many other obligations and drawing facilities. This helps to browse the list of 25000 prize bond drawings for precise and helpful info primarily on 25000 prize bond drawings

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