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Full HD Movie Download Site

You have to think why we’ve listed The Internet Archive at No. 2. You don’t need to read more about this if you have used this website to download movies already. But, if you aren’t, it’s like a gold mine, not just for films but for music, songs, and books.

The Internet Archive is one of the best download websites for movies containing millions of libraries, music, movies, software, and websites. It is a digital library with nearly 362 billion web pages archived. This is definitely a fine option to download movies for free.

Users are permitted to create a free virtual library card that allows forums, video uploads, bookmarks, etc.

How to Download Movies on Internet Archive?

  • Start the website for the first time from the link mentioned above. You can now view a search bar with various icons at the top of the homepage (book icon, icon, etc.). By searching for movies or clicking the video icon and entering the film library, you can search for movies.
  • You will be directed to the film archive after you click on the video icon. As shown in the picture, you can filter results to find your content from the left side of the window.
  • Now you are directed to a new window, as can be seen in the image after you click on your favorite movie. As you can see, download options are available on the right-hand side. Select your own taste format.
  • A small blue download icon will appear as displayed in the picture when you click on your desired format. Click on it to ready download your file. Sometimes, if you click on this, you can go to an external player to play your video, but don’t worry, just click on three external player points and there will be an option to download the file from.

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