Blink Indoor & Outdoor Camera Mount

All-New Blink Outdoor Camera Housing and Mounting Bracket, 3 Pack Protective Cover, and 360 Degree Adjustable Mount with Blink Sync Module Outlet Mount for Blink Camera Security System.

1 Camera Kit1 Camera Kit2 camera kit3 Pack
Blink Outdoor Camera MountMagnetic MountBlink Outdoor - wireless, weather-resistantBlink Outdoor Camera Surveillance Mount
Price: $89.98 $139.98
You Save: $50 (35%)
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars
Price: $13.99
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars
Price: $179.99
You Save: 20%
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 star
Price: $24.99
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Outdoors, blink cameras are simple to install, but they must be done properly to avoid falling and being damaged. Before you consider the job finished, make sure you used the proper screws and that your camera is securely attached to the surface.

This indoor/outdoor wall or ceiling mount is designed for All-New Blink Outdoor and blink indoor home security camera system.

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Camera Mount Blink Outdoor + Solar Panel

Blink Outdoor + Solar Panel Camera Mount
Blink Outdoor Camera Mount
Price: $89.98 $139.98
You Save: $50 (35%)
Field of view: 110° diagonal
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars
Blink Outdoor + Solar Panel Charging Mount – wireless, HD smart security camera, solar-powered, motion detection – 1 Camera Kit
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Blink Outdoor 1 cam is used in this configuration.

  • Blink Outdoor is a wire-free smart security camera with HD day and night vision, two-way audio, and motion detection that allows you to see hear and speak to guests using the Blink Home Monitor app.
  • Blink Solar Panel Mount harnesses the sun’s energy to keep Blink Outdoor charged and provide ongoing peace of mind.
  • With a free 30-day trial of the Blink Subscription Plan, you can save and share clips in the cloud, or locally with a Sync Module 2 and USB drive (sold separately).
  • When mounted, the solar panel can swivel, or it can be detached and moved up to two feet away from your camera.
  • Get motion detection alerts on your phone with the Blink Home Monitor app, which allows you to configure motion zones so you’re only notified when you need to be.
  • Connect Outdoor to wifi and follow the in-app instructions to set it up in minutes. With the provided kit or the no-drill installation, place the mount in direct sunshine (required hooks sold separately).
  • Works with Alexa — control your house with your voice using Alexa-enabled devices.
  • One Blink Outdoor camera, one Sync Module 2, one Solar Panel Mount, one mounting kit, one housing cover, one mount, one power line, one power adaptor, and one right angle adapter are all included in this package.

Magnetic Mount Blink Outdoor/Indoor Camera

ALERTCAM – Magnetic Mount Blink Outdoor/Indoor Camera
Magnetic Mount
Price: $13.99
Mounting Type: Wall Mount
Feature: Rotatable, Adjustable
Material: Alloy Steel, Iron, Metal
Field of view: 360° diagonal
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars
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Magnetic Mount for All-New Blink Outdoor/Indoor Camera, Blink XT / XT2, Blink Mini, Attach Your Blink Camera to Steel or Any Magnetic Surfaces with No Tools

  • Blink XT / XT2, Blink Mini, and the All-New Blink Outdoor/Indoor Camera are all compatible.
  • ALERTCAM offers a lifetime warranty on its products. If you have a problem, please contact us; we will respond within 12 hours and will make every attempt to satisfy you.
  • 360° Rotation: This magnetic bracket is easily adjustable and flexible, allowing you to put your blink camera in any direction.
  • Drilling Holes Aren’t Necessary: No tools are required, no holes are drilled in the wall, and it can be mounted directly to steel or magnetic surfaces such as a refrigerator, microwave oven, metal shelf, iron door, and so on.
  • Strong Magnetism: Made of high-quality materials, the strong magnetic mount can sustain a weight of up to 10kg, ensuring stability and preventing your blink camera from dropping.

Wireless, Weather-resistant HD Camera Blink Outdoor

Blink Outdoor – Wireless, Weather-resistant HD security camera
Blink Outdoor - wireless, weather-resistant
Price: $179.99
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 star
Field of view: 110° diagonal
Blink Outdoor – wireless, weather-resistant HD security camera, two-year battery life, motion detection, set up in minutes – 2 camera kit
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  • Outdoor can run for up to two years on two AA lithium batteries, thanks to its long battery life (included).
  • With the Blink Subscription Plan, you can save video clips and photographs in the cloud, and events can be saved locally to the Blink Sync Module 2 through a USB flash drive (sold separately).
  • With infrared night vision, Blink Outdoor is a cordless battery-powered HD security camera that helps you watch your home day or night.
  • With the Blink app’s live view and two-way audio features, you can see, hear, and communicate to visitors in real-time.
  • Designed to be set up in minutes by you. There is no need for wiring or professional installation.
  • Get motion detection alerts on your phone with the Blink Home Monitor app, which allows you to configure motion zones so you’re only notified when you need to be.
  • Outdoor is designed to resist the weather, allowing you to protect your property whether it’s inside or out, rain or shine.
  • Works with Alexa — control your house with your voice using Alexa-enabled devices.
  • Two Blink Outdoor cameras and one Sync Module 2 are included.

Blink Outdoor Camera Surveillance Mount

Blink Outdoor Camera Surveillance Mount
Blink Outdoor Camera Surveillance Mount
Price: $24.99
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars
Field of view: 360° diagonal
All-New Blink Outdoor Camera Surveillance Mount, Weatherproof Protective Housing, and 360 Degree Adjustable Mount with Blink Sync Module 2 Mount for Blink Outdoor Camera System
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  • Adjustment for 360-degree rotation: This Blink camera mount rotates 360 degrees and tilts 90 degrees, is robust and durable, and can be changed to whatever angle you choose, ensuring your household’s safety viewing angle without leaving a blind spot.
  • Material of High Quality: The blink cover is made of high-quality plastic and provides complete coverage for your Blink outdoor home security camera system. Protect your camera from the elements, such as rain, wind, and sunlight. Blink Sync Module 2 will be more sleek and clean with the tiny outlet mount.
  • Exclusive Style: It won’t affect the 2-way audio because of a custom groove under the Blink Outdoor camera cover. You can also plug in the USB cable as usual, which will satisfy your demands for both batteries and charging wire.
  • Improved for the Better: There is no effect on night vision, and your Blink Outdoor Camera will not tumble down because of the buckle button on the cover. There is also no need to use screws when putting your camera into or out of the case. It won’t corrode and is easier to install than other Blink camera covers.
  • What’s Included in the Box: Three plastic waterproof housings, three Blink Camera Mounts, one Outlet Mount for Blink Sync Module Outlet 2, and all necessary screws and anchors are included in each bundle.

Note: The camera and module are not included.

Blink Indoor and Outdoor Camera Mounting

Blink’s small wireless cameras are simple to install and secure.

A right-angle adapter/opening tool, as well as a “volcano” cone-shaped camera mount that matches the colour of your camera body, are included with your Blink Outdoor and Indoor (gen 2) cameras.

Screws for mounting are provided in the box.

Blink Outdoor Camera Mount has a lot of extra mounts and other accessories.

Simply hold your camera in the correct area and use the Blink app to refresh the camera thumbnail or enter Live View to verify the camera view and check placement. Ensure that both the Sync Module and your Wi-Fi network have three bars of connectivity in your selected location. From the Blink app’s camera settings menu, check for connectivity.

Remember that the best motion detection happens when movement crosses the field of view. A direct motion toward or away from the camera can be difficult to notice. Your camera settings will be more effective if you place them in the right spot.

Secure the mount to a surface once you’ve selected the optimum location for your camera. Use the provided screws if they are acceptable. Although the mount and screws are non-corrosive, moisture may collect beneath the mount base.

What is the best way to mount horizontally?

Use the Right-angle adapter in horizontal areas like a ceiling or a shelf (pictured). As seen with the dashed lines below, this adaptor clicks into the opening on the back of the camera. To gain access to the mount opening, remove the silicone disc if one is present.

Blink Outdoor Camera Mount

Now, press the adapter into the mount’s connection point. A’snap’ should be detected, indicating a secure attachment. It’s possible that you’ll need to attach the adaptor to the camera before attaching both to the mount, depending on your location.

Vertical Suspension

The camera can connect directly to the volcanic mount in vertical mounting places such as a wall or post. As illustrated in the image, the camera opening snaps directly onto the mount.

Blink Outdoor Camera Mount

When your camera is installed, open the Blink app and generate a thumbnail or go into Live View to see if the camera view is correct or needs to be modified.

Where Should Your Blink Outdoor Camera Be Mounted?

Your Blink outdoor camera should be placed such that it can cover your house’s doors and provide you with a clear view of anyone approaching or tampering with them. As a result, make sure your camera is facing your doors to get the most out of it.

Alternatively, you might position your camera to face your gate and fence. This will come in handy if you want to see who enters your property as soon as they arrive.

You don’t want your camera to be triggered by false alerts too frequently because this wastes cloud storage space and drains the camera’s battery. That means you should avoid placing it near plants or trees that will cause it to trigger when the wind blows.

Tucking your camera beneath the eaves of the house, hanging it in an unnoticeable area, or wrapping something over it to disguise it are all options. Just make sure the lens isn’t covered.

Hide your camera to make it less visible to potential burglars, but it won’t act as a deterrent – so consider which option is more appealing to you, and then position your camera accordingly.

What Is The Best Way To Mount Your Blink Outdoor Camera?

Your camera can be mounted horizontally or vertically, and readsblog has some suggestions for which choice is best for a particular situation.

A volcano mount, a riser, and two wood screws should be included with your camera. If you wish to place your blink camera on something other than wood, you’ll need to go to a local hardware store and acquire some alternative screws — otherwise, the camera might not be as secure.

Hold the camera up and check that it is where you want it once you’ve decided on a spot. You might wish to get the assistance of another person to ensure that it displays exactly what you want.

If you choose, you can then attach the riser to the mount. Because the camera will sit further away from the wall and won’t bump into it if you want it at a steep angle, you’ll have more choice in how you position it.

Mark the screw holes with a pencil, then drill the holes and fasten the mount on the wall with screws. You don’t want it to fall down once the camera is attached, so make sure it’s firmly fastened and doesn’t wobble when you yank or nudge it.

After that, clip the camera onto the round portion at the front of the mount and make sure it’s securely locked in place. The camera on the mount can then be rotated or re-angled to offer the required viewing angle.

Blink Outdoor Camera Mount

Our wide range of Blink Outdoor Camera is made to be used outside. They use motion sensors to record and stream live video, catching people in the act. Worried about nosy neighbours or dangerous animals lurking around your trash, these can help your surveillance system work better by adding on to what you already have. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night it is because these can withstand the cold, the heat, and the dark of night to blend in with any natural surroundings and not show that cameras are inside.

Why Hidden Outdoor Security Cameras Are A Must Have

A Covert Outdoor Security Camera has to do the same things as an indoor spy camera but under a lot more stress. It has to protect the hardware inside while still being hidden. Outside hidden cameras have to keep their batteries alive for a long time by carefully draining them of power. They also have to stand up to the weather and other elements that indoor hidden cameras can’t handle.

Outside hidden cameras are an important first line of defence against intruders getting inside far enough to be caught by other devices inside your home.

Essential Features Of Outdoor Spy Cameras To Consider

A well-hidden outdoor camera should look like a normal exterior home feature, not just in general appearance, but more often than not, in the same weather-resistant materials and construction used by things that aren’t meant to be used for covert surveillance. Giving away the device and making it easy for someone to steal it would be bad.

Sometimes, these “disguises” aren’t very subtle. There are now a lot of LED motion-detection lights with hidden cameras that turn on when the lights are turned on. In some cases, pinhole-sized cameras can see 20′ and 140-degree fields of view from things like mailboxes, bird feeders, outdoor utility boxes, and insect repellers. Make sure there are no “dead giveaways” in the dark when you’re watching something. You need invisible IR lights to make sure there aren’t any in the dark.

In order to be clear, a good outdoor spy camera should be able to stay in standby mode for days or even weeks while it is still charged. A lot of the units also have 4G cellular MMS alerts that go off when the cameras start recording. This allows you to record right away to a DVR or SD memory card, as well as send an alert to your cell phone when the cameras start recording. Most of the time, 5-7 FPS is all you’ll need. Even better is to have a model that can tell when something happens, which will save battery life and storage space.

Close The Window Of Opportunity For Bad Behavior

When a home invader gets past your front door, it may be too late to stop them from stealing your things or hurting you and your family and have a proof for the police. They all have long-lasting power supplies, clever disguises that work, and even networking tools to keep you up to date on threats to your home, no matter where you are.

Imagine being out and about and getting a video or picture of someone who is going to do something bad to your house. In a few seconds, you can send the video to the police, who can act quickly to prevent a worse outcome. If your business is outside or in a place that gets a lot of bad weather, then one of these high-quality spy cameras is your best first line of defence.

Final Thoughts

We’ve now covered where to place the Blink outdoor camera and how to do so. Following this instruction should help you get the most out of your camera and ensure that you see everything you need to view while avoiding seeing too much of what you don’t.

If you don’t like where your camera is mounted, you should be able to easily remove it and reinstall it by unscrewing it from the wall and drilling new holes in a different spot.


Q. What is a Blink Outdoor Camera?

These cameras are ingenious small gadgets that allow you to see what’s going on outside your house at all times. They’re battery-powered, weatherproof 1080p security cameras that record footage of your home’s outside using local cloud storage.

Q. Where and How to mount Blink outdoor camera?

If you’ve recently purchased a Blink outdoor camera, you may be unsure of where to place it and how to install it. These are excellent devices, but proper placement is critical, and you don’t want to have to pull them down and start over. As a result, we’ll go over where and how to mount a blink outdoor camera today.

Q. How to mount a blink outdoor camera?

  • Your camera can be mounted horizontally or vertically.
  • A volcanic mount, riser, and two wood screws should be included with the camera. If you want to mount your blink camera to another surface, you’ll need to go to a hardware store (other than wood). The camera may not be securely mounted if this is not done.
  • After you’ve decided on a location, raise the camera to confirm that it’s there. It might be a good idea to get the assistance of someone else to ensure that it is exactly what you want.
  • If desired, the mount can be used with the riser. You’ll have more control over how you place your camera. If the camera is at an angle, it will not hit the wall because it will be further away.
  • Drill the holes after marking them with a pencil. Finally, fasten the mount to the wall with screws. If you tug or nudge the Mount, you want it to remain steady.
  • Attach the camera to the top of the Mount once you’re finished. Make sure the clamps are firmly in place. You may rotate or re-angle the camera on the Mount to achieve the ideal viewing angle.

Q. Do you require a Blink camera wall mount?

Blink’s small wireless cameras are simple to install and secure. A right-angle adapter/opening tool, as well as a “volcano” cone-shaped camera mount that matches the colour of your camera body, are included with your Blink Outdoor and Indoor (gen 2) cameras. Screws for mounting are provided in the box.

Q. How high should my blink camera be mounted?

The Blink Outdoor Camera is simple to install and takes only a few minutes. However, you’ll want to place it in the greatest location possible for maximum visibility and quality footage. In general, the optimal place to put the device is 8-10 feet above the ground, away from direct sunlight.

Q. Do Blink cameras rotate?

When your blink camera is placed in the corner, it can view both sides of the corner, which is quite beneficial. There is no blind zone with the angle adjustment because it can swivel 360 degrees and tilt 90 degrees.

Q. Do blink cameras come with mounts?

In the box, you’ll find a camera mount, a mount riser, and two screws for your Blink XT2. If you need more, you can go to and place an order.

Q. Does the blink sync module need to stay plugged in?

The Blink Sync module must be plugged into a standard wall outlet at all times for the Blink cameras to function; however, you can manually arm and disarm your Blink System, or even individual cameras on your system, at any time using the Blink APP.

Q. Is the Blink camera compatible with Mount?

A camera mount and a mount riser are included in the box. Two screws are also included with your Blink XT2…. When the subject walks horizontally across the field of view rather than towards or away from the camera, motion detection is optimal. This is crucial to keep in mind when choosing a mounting site.

Q. Is it possible to use Blink Mini outside?

As long as it’s dry and the temperature is between 32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit, it’ll work (0deg-35deg C). The camera and sync module on Blink Indoor is not waterproof. Our one-year limited warranty will be void if they are exposed to moisture or temperatures outside of their operational temperature range.

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