Breaking: PTA Finally Restores TikTok Services

The Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) has restored TikTok’s services, citing the Platform’s guarantees that immoral and indecent content will be controlled.

PTA Finally Restores TikTok Services

Following the introduction of the ban on July 20, 2021, PTA maintained contact with TikTok management. As a result of the platform’s ongoing interaction, senior management assured PTA that it would take the required steps to restrict illegal content in compliance with local laws and community standards.

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Users who are repeatedly implicated in posting illegal content will be barred from utilizing the network, according to the business.

In light of the guarantees, the Authority has decided to withdraw the TikTok ban immediately. PTA will continue to monitor the platform to ensure that no illegal content that violates Pakistani law or societal values is spread.

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