Draw#87, Prize Bond List Rs. 1500 Held in Multan On 16-08-2021

prize bod 1500 list
Draw#87, Prize Bond List Rs. 1500 Held in Multan On 16-08-2021

Check online Rs. 1500 prize bond list – At here Draw number 87 of Rs. 1500 Prize Bond List which is held in Multan On 16-08-2021 will be uploaded at this page. In Multan, which is the well-known city of Pakistan, Rs 1500 prize bond draw result on 16 August 2021 will be held. Therefore, you can access the Rs. 1500 award bond list from here online check of prize bond 1500/- from below.

1500 Rs. Prize Bond withdraw has the following prizes:

  • First Prize: Rs. 3,000,000 / 1 Prize
  • Second Prize: Rs. 1,000,000 / 3 Prizes
  • Third Prize: Rs. 18,500 / 1696 Prizes

Notice that all Rs 1500 prize bond information is obtained from third-party sources on the August 16, 2021 list Multan. You can visit official websites on national savings for the right and accurate news about Pakistan ‘s economy and prize bond.

Prize Bond Rs. 1500 Complete List

Complete List of Prize Bond Rs. 1500 will be uploaded at this page on 16 August 2021

First Prize Number Rs. 1500 (Rs. 3,000,000 / 1 Prize)


Second Prize Number Rs. 1500 (Rs. 1,000,000 / 3 Prizes)


Third Prize Numbers Rs. 1500 (Rs. 18,500 / 1696 Prizes)

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