E-health: Effect on health system efficiency of Pakistan

Effect on health system efficiency of Pakistan

The Healthcare system of Pakistan is very underdeveloped and needs a lot of improvements. Pakistan is still struggling with old practices and old ways to deal with the things that require efficiency. Due to the lack of efficient means and expertise in the field of medicine, we are dealing with diseases like polio and measles while the rest of the world has completely gotten rid of these diseases

What is E-health?

The term E-health has a very broad meaning to it. It does not only mean technology and medicine. It has a very vast concept behind it that needs to be understood. Many people misinterpret the term by just typically relating it to the concept of getting health care services via online platforms and buying medicine online but that is not the case.

Following is the list of 10 e’s that constitute the word E-health.


Efficiency is the most potent oath of e-health. Efficiency in the health care system decreases cost by avoiding unnecessary interventions. Efficiency reduces cost and makes ways to provide equitable and just healthcare for the whole population. But unfortunately, in countries like Pakistan, poor people cannot get the benefit of it.

Enhances Quality

E-health not only helps increase efficiency but also evokes the health providers to improve the quality standards. With the rising competition, consumers are able to check the quality, standards, and measures to predict the best quality providers. One can also lookup for the best physician at a global level for a severe ailment.


In medicine, everything based on evidence is considered effective and true since it deals with the human body. Nothing based on assumption is considered rigorous. It is why the e-health interventions should be based on true research evidence instead of speculations.

Empowerment of patients

With the use of E-health, one can easily access medicine-related information on the internet. You can literally search for every possible side-effect and benefit of the medicine on the internet and enhance your knowledge about the disease you are suffering from and the medication to see the possible benefits and harms.

Encouragement of a strong relationship

E-health provides a way towards a better relationship between the health care provider and the patient. It helps in a better understanding of the disease and its cure.


E-health or the internet helps the users increase their knowledge and keep themselves updated with the new and advanced technologies and ailments. It is one of the best sources to gain better knowledge and understanding about the field of your choice.

Enables better communication

It creates the relationship between the health care provider and the patient to communicate about the situation in a better manner.


With the use of e-health, one can prevail over the services from around the globe.


With the ease of e-health, new norms and policies are likely to be followed in order to refrain from unethical means. We all know, technology is the most helpful tool in this era, but it can be harmful too and sometimes cause unrecoverable losses.


The main purpose behind the concept of e-health was to create a system that is equitable to every individual, but unfortunately, in Pakistan, this is not the case. In Pakistan, some people are still living a miserable life. They do not even know about the internet and the related facilities. So, it is unlikely to assume that the e-healthcare system can provide equal opportunities to everyone.

Effectiveness of E-health in Pakistan

Pakistan is considered a third-world country for a reason. It does not have access to the facilities that are considered ordinary in countries like the USA. In Pakistan, most of the people are living hand to mouth. They do not have access to the internet.

They are unable to get benefits from the ease of e-health. However, e-health has provided ease to people living better lives. They can now order the medicines online, get better knowledge and understanding about the ailment they are suffering from, able to find ways to treat their conditions, and much more.

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