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Punjab Public Service Commission is a department of higher-level authority jobs for the govt. of Punjab which competes for the thousands of scholars and selects some of them. It is an exam for the competitive employer of officers in grades 17, 18, 19, or 20. PPSC conducts this competitive exam to fill the required vacant posts in a different fields such as the Education Department, Police department, Engineering department, and a lot of other departments.

Free Download FPSC, PPSC, NTS, CSS, BPSC, KPSC, PMS, GAT Solved Past Papers

Therefore, PPSC may conduct this exam various times in one year. Graduation and under graduation level candidates are allowed for this post of grade 16 or below and master’s degree, MPhil degree, and Ph.D. degree holder with relevant experience are allocated to 17 or above grade. Mostly, grades 17 or 18 may not require experience in a relevant field but above grade 18 such as 19, 20 are mandatory experience in a relevant field.

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At the initial stage written test is held for PPSC level post and some cities are selected to conduct this exam in Punjab. A written test may include objective, or subjective, or both, and 50 percent scores are required to qualify for this test. Students which qualify for this test, those students are called for interviews in the selected cities. Mostly, four students are called per post for the interview, for example, if 100 posts are vacant then 400 students are called for the interview. Every year, thousands of candidates participate in these PPSC exams.

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