IESCO Online Bill of April 2023

IESCO Online Bill – We provide a user-friendly portal where you may easily check your iesco duplicate bill. You can check your current electricity bill (bijli bill) here, as well as obtain all information on prior bills, customer names, and another bill history.

You can also acquire your bill through the official website, which has a more user-friendly interface and supports all mobile devices, allowing you to quickly examine your accounts. So, to retrieve your monthly bill, enter your 14-digit reference number above.

Check and Download IESCO Online Bill of Month April 2023

IESCO Online Bill

Customers of IESCO can produce and download their electronic bill, whether it is their first bill or a bill for an older meter connection. Customers from Attok to Jhelum can obtain their bill information by inputting their 14-digit reference number, as well as registration records, bill status, bill slabs, and other information. So, input the reference number above to look for your iesco duplicate bill, and also check the billing history to see if your previous bill was paid or not.

Where is the Reference Number on IESCO Bill

This is the most crucial aspect. This reference number, which is similar to your account number, is the essential identification of your bill. By supplying this reference number, you can pay your payment on behalf of this reference number and obtain a duplicate copy of your bill.

Please see the Reference Number section below if you don’t know where to look for your reference number. This website is dedicated to Islamabad energy bills (iesco); click here to learn how to check your Islamabad WAPDA bill step by step. Please check the ‘reads blog’ website if you are looking for an Islamabad wapda bill.

Where is Reference Number on IESCO Bill

You can search your bill by reference number and then download or print a copy of your statement for free, whether you want to check your iesco bill online for your home, office, or store. ReadsBlog is the first website that allows you to check numerous iesco bills at once by entering multiple reference numbers (separated with comma).

Check Other Electricity Company Bill

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WAPDA has a division called Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO). It was established in 1998 to manage Islamabad’s responsibilities and functions. From Attock to Jhelum, IESCO provides electricity to the region. So, if you’re an IESCO customer seeking a copy of your online bill, you’ve come to the right place.

You may not only read your bill but also reprint it and obtain a duplicate copy as an image or PDF file using our online duplicate bill service. By inputting the meter reference number one at a time, you can view one or several bills. IESCOBILL.PK is one of the greatest websites in 2022 for checking your electric utility (roshni) bill fast and conveniently.


Many people wonder what FPA is on their electricity bill. Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA) is an acronym for Fuel Price Adjustment. This is a technique for adjusting energy tariffs in response to changes in fuel prices. The FPA price is used to determine the cost of fuel for rental power firms that generate electricity from crude oil and other sources.

TR Surcharge

Tariff Rationalization Surcharge is abbreviated as T.R. NEPRA will assess tariffs based on improved criteria, and the government will issue a unified tariff to all distribution companies. This is the distinction between the NEPRA and GOP tariffs. If the difference is positive, GOP will pay it as a “Subsidy.” If the difference is negative, the Distribution Company will pay GOP as an “Inter DISCO Tariff Rationalization Surcharge.”

FC Surcharge

Financing Cost is abbreviated as FC. To secure collection of the Power Holding Private Limited’s debt servicing, the Financing Cost Surcharge was initially set at 43 paisa per unit.

Bill Timing

Your bill may arrive on various dates throughout the month, depending on your location. However, you can look at your bill history to find out when your bill was read, when it was issued, and when it was due to get an idea of when your bill was due.

How to contact IESCO (Complaints & Helpline)

You can file a complaint at the IESCO Head Office’s billing complaint resolution desk, which is located at Street # 40 Sector G-7/4 Islamabad. You can report your complaints at that address. The helpline number IESCO 051-9252937.

Circles and Divisions

Islamabad Circle

– Islamabad Division 1
– Islamabad Division 2
– Barakahu Division

Rawalpindi Circle

– Rawat Division
– City Division
– Cantt Division (Rawalpindi)
– Satellite Town Division
– Westridge Division
– Tariqabad Division

Attock Circle

– Taxila Division
– Pindigheb Division
– Attock Division

Jhelum Circle

– Jhelum Division 1
– Jhelum Division 2
– Gujar Khan Division

Chakwal Circle

– Chakwal Division
– Talagang Division
– Dhudial Division
– Pind Dadan Khan Division

How to contact IESCO (Complaints & Helpline)

For complaints, you can visit the billing complaint resolution desk at IESCO Head Office located on Street # 40 Sector G-7/4 Islamabad.


How to calculate iesco estimate bill?

You can calculate iesco electricity cost of your residential connection by entering consumed units here.

Can I check iesco bill by name or address?

Sorry, you can not check your bill by name or address but only by using the reference number. If you have a 14 digit reference number, you can see your bill here.

How to get the previous month’s bill?

If you did not receive your bill, you can get a duplicate copy of last month’s bill here.

How to check iesco online bill?

You can check iesco online bill at readsblog by entering 14 digit reference number.

Can I check the bill by meter number?

IESCO subscribers can only check bills by 14 digit reference number, not by meter number.

How to change consumer name in iesco electricity bill?

The procedure to change the consumer name on iesco bill is same as applying for a new connection. You can visit the iesco office and apply for the name change request.

What is the unit rate for iesco residential connection?

You can check iesco’s residential units rates here.

Can I check iesco bill by id card (cnic) number?

Currently, you can only check the bill by 14 digit reference number.

What are the iesco peak hours?

7:00 pm to 11:00 pm are the peak hours, and iesco has requested its customers to try to reduce electricity consumption during the peak hours.

How can I apply for a new connection?

If you want a new iesco connection, you will have to fill and submit the “Application and Agreement” form which is also known as the A&A form.

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