HESCO Online Bill of April 2023

Are you looking for a duplicate Hesco online bill? You may instantly view the bill amount and due date, as well as the entire bill. You can also print or download an image of the bill. So, to check your Hesco online bill, enter the bill reference number below:

Anyone who lives outside of Pakistan and wants to check his or her house or business bill can do so easily these days. Simply type readsblog.com into the Google search field. There is a stumbling block in the form of entering a 14-digit reference number and checking all of the information.

Let’s say you wish to go to the official Hesco website, which is www.hesco.gov.pk. You may find anything for free on the official website. All of the reliable information is available.

Check & Download the HESCO Online Bill for the Month of April 2023

HESCO Online Bill

Some users require Hesco Online bills history or a previous bill, in which case all records are available in a single statement containing all 12-month data. Assume they are unable to pay the previously specified bill. It contains a list of all taxes.

About Reference Number

For residential, commercial, or industrial power connections, you can check your hesco e bill. You will receive your hesco online bill after entering the 14-digit reference number in the entry form above. If you’re not sure where to look for your HESCO reference number, look at the image below:

HESCO Online Bill

How to check the HESCO bill check online?

If you’ve misplaced your duplicate, there’s no need to go large distances to get it. Our online service is a more convenient, faster, and more secure option. To visit our website, all you’ll need is an internet connection, a copy of your old bill, and an electronic device. Then, to get the billing information, follow these procedures.

  • Use the form above or go to the HESCO billing page, click here.
  • Obtain the prior invoice’s reference number.
  • Paste it into the blank dialogue box that asks for the phone number.
  • Check the “Electricity Bill (General and Industrial)” type tab.
  • Wait a few seconds after pressing the “Submit” button.
  • The most recent month’s digital WAPDA online bill HESCO will be displayed.
  • After that, you can either have it printed or pay your HESCO bill online.

Check Other Electricity Company Bill

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Area of Operations

HESCO is in charge of supplying power to 12 districts in Sindh, Pakistan. HESCO has established 4 operating circles, 15 operation divisions, and 67 operation sub-divisions, as well as 6 construction divisions and 5 M&T divisions, to assure uninterrupted electric supply to 1,138,328 customers. The organization works around the clock to ensure that its consumers have access to electricity.


Superintending Engineers (SEs) lead the Circle, Executive Engineers (XENs) lead the Divisions, and Subdivisional Officers lead the Subdivisions (SDOs). A Customer Service Officer is assigned to each division (CSO).

Hesco Online Complaint

The Hesco Complaint online technique is the second option. Let’s say you have a grievance against Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO). Simply go to the official website and fill out the registration form. Fill out your complaint form and provide your reference number. After a quick draught of a complaint, submit it. After submitting, you will be given a complaint number, which is crucial since it will allow you to trace your complaint. This id is really secure.

For Hyderabad Electric Supply Company, the online system is the best alternative. Enter your bill’s reference number on our website and double-check it. As a result, the electrical company’s action must be commended. To make things easier for their customers, the Hyderabad Electric Company is now attempting to move all of its data management to the internet.

In the past, if a bill was misplaced, there was no other way to locate it. The majority of consumers are concerned about what would happen if they do not pay their Hesco bills by the due date. The additional levies will be shown in the following month’s bills. As a result, Wapda has solved all of the challenges in order to deploy the online systems.

You can also register your complaint with email simple send email toccmss@pitc, com.pk

Or call at Contact Centre at 118 or SMS at 8118O

Hesco new connection charges and procedure

If you’ve recently moved into a new home and want to set up a new connection, or if you already have a meter, your unit usage in the property will be significant. You are aware that the bill amount is determined by the number of units used. The price of 1 to 100 units is usually 19.30 rupees. If you use 101 units, the price difference for the additional one unit is $20.95. So, if you install a new meter, you will be able to simply save money. Your home’s load shifts on one meter, while the other load shifts on your second connection.

Apply for a new connection installation. Following your application, Hesco representatives will contact you to request payment of the Hesco demand notice. They will be able to install the meter in the coming days once all of the necessary procedures have been satisfied.

Hesco Demand Notice Tracking

You can also track the demand notice after it has been sent. After applying for a new connection, you must remember the tracking id that is supplied to you. The best method to keep track of everything is to use tracking software. Hesco Hydrabad Elektricity’s entire process may be tracked using an online manner.

For the new connection, an online application is also used; the online technique is straightforward and quick. The majority of customers did not need to visit the offices because everything about the Wapda organization is available online. To apply online, go to the official website and follow the steps. The online technique is best for those who live in Hydrabad’s outlying areas or who do not have access to transportation to get to work.

Hesco Bill online bill payment

Let’s say you’re on the job or out of Pakistan and need to pay your Hesco bill. Hesco offers the service as a Hesco online bijli bill payment option to their customers. That was not available the last time I checked. Only the National Bank of Pakistan or the Pakistan Post Office is accessible for payment. With the passage of time, it has become more convenient to open all government banks. You can now pay your bills in person at these banks.

  • Bank of Punjab
  • Habib Bank Limited
  • Muslim Commercial Bank(MCB)
  • Allied Bank Limited
  • Meezan Bank

Duplicate Hesco bill installment

For RS 5000, 2 to 3 installments are available for both domestic and business use. Sub Divisional Officer(SDO) Operation is the authorized officer.

Domestic and commercial 2 to 3 installments for RS 15000, but the Incharge customer service center is approved.

RS 50000 for Industrial T-well, Domestic and Commercial 2 to 3. The Executive Engineer(XEN) operation and the Dumpty Director Commercial have jurisdiction over it.

T-well Industrial Commercial and Domestic 2 to 3 Installments for RS 200000, with Superintending Engineer(SE) as the authorized person.

There is a bill installment option, and the criteria for operating and severed connections are the same in terms of cost. It was distributed to several officers based on the volume of utilization.

All above data is for disconnected connections. If you want installments for running connections, that authorized persona and installments are the same that mentioned above.

Hesco bill SMS alert registration

Pakistan’s federal government has issued an order to Hesco for SMS alerts. They must first register their official phone number in order to be eligible for SMS alerts. Consumers can obtain all pertinent information prior to the issuance of a bill. So, if you haven’t received your invoices, go to the Hesco View Bill page.

Hesco is introducing a new email service. The consumer then receives their Hesco utility bill via email services, which are also free. To receive email alerts, first register for notifications.


Hyderabad Electric Supply Company is abbreviated as HESCO. HESCO is a public limited corporation that was founded on April 23, 1998. In Sindh, Pakistan, the firm is in charge of energy distribution in Hyderabad and the neighboring areas.

Hesco App

If you have extra storage space on your smartphone and are concerned about your utility expenses. After that, Hasco introduces a new product, the Hesco application for Android, which follows internet services.

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