MOITT Drafts National Broadband Policy 2021

MOITT Drafts National Broadband Policy 2021
MOITT Drafts National Broadband Policy 2021

In its discussion draught of the 2021 National Broadband Policy, published by MoITT, Pakistan has been published on its official website.

The following major impediments appear clearly on the basis of market behaviour analysis and the results of implementation status in the previous policy;

  1. Decelerated Policy Implementation for market enablement.
  2. Obsolete regulatory regime due to the complex and evolving digital ecosystem.
  3. Inefficient resource distribution and utilization.

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The aim of National Broadband Policy – 2021 is to distribute the digital dividend through defining attributes, that include;

  1. User-centric and technology-neutral
  2. Evidence-based and forward-looking
  3. Objective and target-oriented

The new strategy is structured to accomplish all of the above factors while retaining the consumer in the first place. In order to keep the instructions agile, the user traffic is spread over four main pillars. Inclusiveness and accessibility, usability & business enabling, digital confidence, and change & growth are the four pillars. Each guideline has specific goals and targets for the timely implementation of the law (s).

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“The Government of Pakistan reassures with the aid of the National Broadband Policy – 2021 its continuing support for timely industry progress, the smooth adoption of new frameworks and technologies, new investment in the field, and the provision of a full-scope approach to Prosperous Digital Pakistan for people,” according to a draught consultation.

By providing basic telecommunications services via fixed, wireless media all the way to high-speed broadband networking, the telecommunications industry brought tangible advantages for the country through market-centered rules and policies. It opened the doors to domestic and foreign investment.

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