NADRA Spent Millions on Apple iMacs to Run Opera on Unlicensed Windows

NADRA Spent Millions on Apple iMacs to Run Opera on Unlicensed Windows

It’s one thing to have high-quality equipment, but it’s quite another to waste millions.

We have noticed that NADRA, one of Pakistan’s most powerful regulatory agencies, has spent millions of dollars on computers that barely do basic functions.

The regulatory authority is employing high-end Apple iMacs with pirated Windows 7 and Windows 10 operating systems and only a basic web browser.

If NADRA used sophisticated computers for taxing jobs like video editing, 3D rendering, code compilation, and so on, it would be justified. It’s also appropriate to utilize Apple laptops for Apple-exclusive software for higher-quality work, although any basic Windows PC can run a simple internet browser.

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Installing Windows, which is also pirated, on an Apple device just to execute tasks that an inexpensive Windows PC might handle is absurd. NADRA’s daily use-case, which includes data entry, data monitoring, biometric input, and the basic tools NADRA employs, can be handled by a simple PC.
To put this in context, NADRA has offices all over Pakistan, each with multiple Apple iMacs. The overall cost is easily in the millions of rupees. This tax money is being squandered on high-end equipment that serves no use.

The individual in charge of this choice is deserving of severe punishment.

Mr. Tariq Malik, the chairman of NADRA, was contacted for comment. Here’s what he had to say about it:

Some decisions were made by previous management, which I cannot modify. At here, the questions are important, and we’ve already begun to modernize and replace aging infrastructure and software.

“We’ve stopped purchasing Apple and iMac computers. Apple systems are mostly purchased by our project’s funders, such as the World Bank or any other organization. They purchase items of their choice when they sponsor projects.”

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NADRA appears to be updating its operating system as well, to the latest versions with official licenses.

“Unlicensed software is being used and paid software is not being updated, which constitutes criminal negligence. I’m not searching for someone to blame, but I will work to improve things. These iMacs are running Windows instead of licensed software, which they should be. We’re currently updating them, and we’ll be able to replace them with licensed versions by the end of June 2022.”

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