New ‘Instagram Remix’ copies Tiktok duet feature

New ‘Instagram Remix’ copies Tiktok duet feature

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is adding an option for Reels called “Instagram Remix.” It’s a rip-off of Duets, a hugely successful TikTok feature.

Duets allow TikTik users to create new videos that include another video on the app, with both videos shown side by side on the screen. As a result, users can quickly react to other videos by making their own, which they can then post online.


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Instagram’s Remix function, which can be accessed by clicking on the three-dot menu of the Reel they want to remix, allows creators to catch a new video stitched to the original. Users can alter the sound of the original video, their own video, and record a voiceover after recording.

Only new Reels will be available for Remix right away, according to an Instagram statement.

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You can remix your own reel, but not previously remixed reels or reels that the creator has decided not to allow remixes on. You can only remix your own reel; you cannot remix reels that have already been remixed or reels that the creator has chosen not to allow remixes on.


The company is adamant about making short-form video content a daily feature. It added a Reels icon to its home screen and ensured that the videos were included in the Lite app globally. It’s getting closer to looking exactly like TikTok.

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