SO KAMAL Winter New Year 2022 Sale Collection Khaddar & Linen Unstitched Suits

So Kamal Winter New Year 2022 Sale Online Shopping Store Linen & Khaddar

Shirt Trouser Dupatta Khaddar (Winter Sale 50% Off)

Rs. 2699 Only Rs. 5399

Shirt Trouser Dupatta Khaddar (Winter Sale 50% Off)

Rs. 3199 Only Rs. 5899

Shirt Trouser Khaddar (Winter Sale 50% Off)

Rs. 1999 Only Rs. 3999

Shirt Trouser Khaddar (Winter Sale 50% Off)

Rs. 2099 Only Rs. 4199

Shirt Trouser Khaddar (Winter Sale 50% Off)

Rs. 2199 Only Rs. 4399

SO KAMAL Winter Sale

SO KAMAL: Eid al-Fitr is one of the best-known Muslim events since happiness and festivities are good occasions. It also means brand new clothes, accessories, and mehndi for all women out there. All leading brands and designers are launching their collection well in advance and Pakistani Eid dresses are prepared to splash in 2021 this year as well.

SO KAMAL Summer Collection

This season’s perfect Eid couture is made by a blend of colors, fine dresses, aesthetically detailed suits, and diverse fabrics. Online shopping can be a bit overwhelming, particularly because of the variety available. So Kamal has categorized women’s eid dresses according to design, value, material, and from less glam to strongly adorned outfits in order to make them easier for our valued clients.


Women’s clothing has so many benefits online. The Website of So Kamal is extremely user-friendly because it makes browsing easy and all articles quick. You can simultaneously check out various designs. The brand launched its 2021 Eid Collection recently and it’s simply incredible! The elegantly designed 3-piece and 2-piece suits combine color and style.

SO KAMAL Summer Collection

For women looking for something less extravagant, summer clothing can be selected for women as it contains lawn suits with clothes dupattas. Great prints, sophisticated sticking, and an eclectic use of colors offer a distinctive attraction and view to every dress. If you want to try a chic look, check out funky frocks, printed silk, and adorned kurtas. Pair your outfit with border trousers, shallow tulip, cigarette pants, and bell-bounders to add more style. Most of these dresses are priced and unsewn dresses can be perfectly tailored to your needs.


This year, our designers took inspiration from ancient traditions and motifs to weave inventive women’s eid clothing. You can explore dynamic textiles such as printing, chunri, chikankari and brocading in non-stitched eid dresses of the online category. These ensembles are not less than art, fused with wonderful prints and designs. This year, improve your summer style by shopping and dressing with eye-class elegance for the latest designs. Several fabrics like cloth and silk were used to create an attractive clothing statement and were heavily decorating it with Dapka, Zari, work, and stones.


The Luxury Jacquard collection is not to be missed for those who are looking for something sophisticated yet comfortable. Expand refined elegance with beautiful decorations and handicrafts. Cotton silk was also used by the designers to create a trendy look. Most dresses are decorated in an aesthetic way with cotton net dupatta and combined with pants. There are plenty of designs to choose from and many of the clothing in two colors.


For special occasions, we have in our collection dresses. There is something for all types of events with an amalgamation of colors, patterns, sticks, and texture. Whether you have to go to iftar parties, eid dinners, or post-eid events, browse dresses to find the right fit for special occasions. The formal ready-to-wear selection comprises rich products such as organza, silk karandi, cloth, and nets. These dresses are a must-buy by hand, with hand-crafted patterns and classic designs.


Look for the latest dresses in the glamorous luxury collection. Festive fabrics with zari necklines, diamonds, stonework, and rich branding have also been further enhanced. Discover the pretty collection of long, decorated shirts and squats. This summer flourished in vibrant color in silk shirts with beads and sequins.

Dress up with long flowy clothes decorated with gold thread and getta for the traditionalist. So Kamal has a lot of options to achieve traditional style, from the delicate chichankar to the scattered mucus.


Eid shopping for ladies can be overwhelming, especially if you are married and have to purchase also for kids and husbands. Kamal is therefore one of the leading trendy websites for clothing; we aim to offer customers a user-friendly and satisfying experience. Not only diversity but quality, genuine products, and timely shipping are our main priorities.

SO KAMAL Shirt and Suit

Choose from our varied lawn range, which is ideal for both holidays and the summer. For celebrations at home Cool shades, delicate detail, and stylish cuts are among the top selections of the pretty collection. Eid Pret collection also made extensive use of lace, amazing additional items, and stones. Chiffon. Stylistically designed to improve your femininity impress you with beautiful creations. This oath, combined with detailed cotton net lace and organza dupatta, was a fitting feature for your style game.


The Pakistani oath costumes by So Kamal offers luscious broderie, classical colors, and highlighted details, bringing grace and style to your dresser. Add to the chic ensembles embellished bounds, floral design, and delicate threadwork. Select from the premium lawn collection with top-class textile prints and complex patterns. Each collection is unique, with a mix of vibrant colors, various lawns, satin cotton, ships, and Swiss sails.


It’s not easy to shop for Eid, so don’t wait until the last minute to begin looking for the perfect dress! You can experiment with a new style and stand out at parties and dinners if you don’t want to play it safe. It is time for permanent impressions and remarkable looks of fashion. Eid’s about getting dressed up, so just start filling the cart! Get your hands on the 2021 collection of So Kamal Eid and style this opportunity.

So Kamal Online Store Sale Mela

Especially in semi-formal and formal summer clothing, you will see bordering work. These pieces with sticks and adornments add decorative character to the outfit and make ideal silhouettes for special events and occasions. They are also a little expensive, of course, but you can enjoy some luxury treatment once in a while.

SO KAMAL Summer Collection

So Kamal Sale

It is not so cool, because of the weather demands, when women have to sacrifice or compromise. Therefore a lawn dress is a must, and why every summer the fabric is so widespread. It is visible everywhere in almost every online garment store and is a key component of both women’s normal and fascinating wear. Then let’s beat the heat coolly and give our favorite pond the opportunity to give us this coming oath style and comfort.

So Kamal Lawn

We suggest that you definitely invest in certain of these pieces and add them to your summer wardrobe as a secret weapon. Do not even think about looking for luxury clothing brands if you are having an important event in the near future. It could rip you off and you’re not going to be worth your money. Choose a broken piece instead and split it into a few nice tools.

You can certainly wear a lot in summers, but these dresses are comfortable and you feel very comfortable with them. What the point is that you wear a beautiful trendy dress just to feel out of place. That’s what we have to avoid shopping. Don’t waste your bucks on parts that look good only in photographs, they should make you feel good.

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