Today Gold Price of 24-karat 29 December 2020

Today Gold Price of 24-karat
Today Gold Price of 24-karat

The Pakistani gold market today encountered a hypothesis and shut down by 113,550 PKR compared to 113,450 PKR in the preceding day.

Today, there has been another hype in the gold market that has risen by PKR 100 to 113.550 per annum. The stock dropped at 113,450 PKR yesterday. This is the rate of gold of 34 karat.

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The cost was also high at PKR 85 and closed at PKR 97,350. The price was also high. It was PKR 97,265 a day before, on the other hand.

However, the silver did not alter its worth. The price of silver was 1,320 PKR per tola and the 10-gram price of silver was 1,131,68 PKR.

The prices of gold were also reportedly unchanged at the market, i.e. at 1,878 dollars per ounce. Similarly, silver was held at $26.25 an ounce and was closed.

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