VIVO Launches V20 SE Premium Smartphone with Outclass Camera in Pakistan

VIVO V20 SE Premium Smartphone

Premium Smartphone VIVO V20 SE

Today vivo has revealed that it will introduce V20 smartphones as part about its all-new Pakistan V20 sequence, which is the world’s leading smart speaker. Furthermore, V20 series offers the company’s largest digital cameras, future goal and good all-round results, reinforcing its ability to supporting consumer-centered functionality. The latest vivo V20 SE complements the young, advanced and fashionable consumers’ lifestyle.

“We continually explore customer options at vivo while maintaining the user in view and getting in big development. In order to deliver the best-in-class camera technology in an inexpensive and smart way, V20 SE is built in addition to our deep insight into the customer requirements.


Taking self-will and latest images into account, the new V20 SE Smartphone is an indication of the consistent effort we have been making to bring out the best to our thousand-year – old customers.

The V20 SE is the ideal camera to catch the perfect moments of life with bright and transparent images even in the night scenery/ Dark world. The 32MP Super Night Selfie camera with Aura Screen Light.

A Futuristic Magical Interface for convenience compliments the desire and lifestyle of users mostly on smartphone. With a 7.83 mm 3D body, this product is compact and light weight and includes the new fashion elements to offer a wonderful look that is in line with the individual style and range.

Camera with super-night mode and super wide angle in segment best:

A 32 MP Super Night Selfie camera provides great clarity even for low lighting, and is responsible for keeping the details extremely complicated when capturing precious days of happiness. This cell phone has the3 following features:

  • Aura Screen Light: Aura Screen Light is a special vivo method for studio lighting at nights. It automatically adapts to interior and exterior artificial light. But it’s still showtime no matter how dark it’s.
  • Professional Portrait: The Professional Portrait package gives Face Beauty and Pose Builders, bokeh effects and a variety of architectural movements that make you navigate like an astonishing celebration.
  • Super Night Selfie: This versatile mode of camera night scenes accomplishments in the night, offering better imaging in the nightclub scene or dark. The smart technology improves the dark and eliminates highlights to over-exposure, so that night portraits are lighter, clearer and more balanced. The Beauty effects can also be combined with Face Beauty to enhance your beauty in dark surroundings.
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  • AI Face Beauty: The revised function of AI Face Beauty covers five key elements: skin tone, texture, curvature, facial characteristics and make-up. It can also make the men look more male by optimizing them for men.
  • Multi-Style Portrait: The multi-style portrait offers you quick making up style, ready – made facial changes and bokeh effects, along with color tones and makeup. Multi-style portrait. One tap is everything you need to make an ordinary selfie a stunning cover shot.

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48MP Rear Camera: V20 SE features a 48MP AI Triple camera, allowing fans of photographers to capture beautiful, transparent and strong images. From either the rural to the towns, between day and night, in the scenery and the portraits – all with vivid detail can be captured. With Super variable aperture and Super Macro mode, capturing moments through images and videos has become the plus entertaining.

  • Super Night Mode: The advanced mode for a party atmosphere camera gives a better picture effect in the night scene or the dark.
  • Video Face Beauty: This functionality is supposed to enhance video capturing beauty effects, allowing people to upload astonishing videos and images to social networking sites.
  • Super Wide-Angle: 8MP Super wide angle camera spectacular views of 120 degrees which allows users to appreciate the broader view of the planet.
  • Ultra Stable Video: Dynamically allows video to be detected by EIS to minimize bubble caused by camera shake.
  • Super Macro: get closer-as close as 2.5 cm-to your subject and see a whole miniature universe evolve. You have now torrents, petals of the flowers and millions of these little wonders.

With such a sleek and futuristic architecture and sophisticated shades that suit the emerging cultures of civilizations, V20 SE redefines luxury. In its 7.83 mm sleek form and 3D body, the computer is done through a combination. The system is incredibly lightweight and easy to carry in your lap. Its 3D body shapes are accompanied by a higher filler material that provides an atmospheric, smooth and comfortable finish.

The vivo V20 SE is available in two vibrant colors, Gravity Black and Oxygen Blue, in accordance with the individual tastes and preference. The depths of the cosmos and the grace of nature motivate our world-class designers. High fashion components also were mixed in to create a smooth, trendy look.


Availability & Price

Vivo V20 SE is now available in the online retail rate of rs. 45,999 in Pakistan for pre-order. Buyers will also offer fun prescription presents. V20 SE will also be sold in two colours: Oxygen Blue and Gravity Black beginning November 7th.

This smartphone can be purchased by customers with the help of 11.11 Sale like exclusive gifts on Daraz, the main shop of Vivo.

One more year V20 SE warranty is issued by vivo, together with 15 days of free substitution and six months of gadgets warranty. Vivo V20 SE has been duly authorized by Pakistan electronic media regulatory Authority and serves all Pakistan cellular services in 4 G LTE, 3 G and 2 G modes from both SIM slots. Customers may also use their 4 G SIM card in slot 1 (2 GB Internet / month for 6 months) to get 12 GB of Free cellular data.

To more info you can visit to the official website:

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