Zong Brings First Ever Cross Border 5G Video Call Experiment

Syed Amin ul Haque, the Federal Minister of IT and Connectivity, has made a 5G video call to Beijing with a 5 G video, a special feature of 5G.

Pakistan has successfully carried out all the first one ever cross-border 5G video conference trial.

Although the federal minister said this at the opening ceremony, he was rightly proud to have the implementation of 5G advanced services, which in the future will fully transform Pakistan’s technological landscape. He also said that smartphone users in Pakistan have reached 81 percent in the last two years and this figure is rising rapidly.

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He praised Zong 4 G for the launch of the experimental 5 G service and agreed that the latest technology is necessary for such initiatives and that modern architecture is required.

The ceremonial was opened at the Zong headquarters of Islamabad for the experimental 5 G video call. Zong 4 G is the first network in Pakistan to use 5 G devices to enhance an experimental video call. A 5 G technology uses the highest available data bandwidth to use on any 5 G mobile device. 5 G offers the fastest connection speed and the highest video call efficiency.

Zong CEO Wang Hua told a reporter that he is pleased that Zong leads the test-based launch of 5 G technology that would revolutionize the country’s technological landscape. By providing quickest connection speed and the highest efficiency, 5 G technology allows roads for global trade and technology.

Haque told that in Pakistan the 5 G spectrum process is in its final stages and the world will eventually auction the service that will receive massive income. Pakistani people can link effectively to the digital world following the introduction of 5 G technology.

“The revolutionary 5 G video call has linked Pakistan to the new and advanced world in technology and will provide Pakistani users with innumerable opportunities – beyond their expectations even in the future,” he added.

He even said the Zong Network, the largest telecommunications corporation in the region, has 188 thousands 5 G stations in 50 towns in China, and seems to be completely funded.

He added that, upon this one hand , the government is clearly moving through technology and, from the other, it is interested in expanding network services in the far-flung Pakistan. Consumers need to understand that the government operates 24 hours a day and will provide the best network infrastructure possible across the world.

Zong has offered various internet packages and WhatsApp packages for their customers to serve them.

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