Zong Good Night Offer

Zong Good Night Offer

Subscription Detail of Zong Good Night Offer

No one can stop you from having fun or working all night with the fastest Internet connection if you’ve signed up for the Zong Good Night Offer. Get one of the excellent Zong Packages for a little fee and enjoy limitless data for browsing, entertainment, or communication for a full night!

2500 MBs


Rs. 15

Subscription Fee

1 Day

Validity(1:00 AM to 9:00 AM)


  • How to subscribe: Dial *6464#
  • Status code: Dial *102#

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Terms & Conditions

  • Is it possible to combine the good night deal with other online packages?
  • Yes, it’ll work with any internet package.
  • Will the Good Night Offer be renewed automatically?
  • Yes, absolutely. Every day, the Good Night Offer will be automatically renewed. Customers that run out of balance and recharge within three days of the expiration date will have their account automatically renewed.
  • What speed will I get if I join up for the Good Night Offer?
  • 3G and 4G speeds are supported with this package.
  • Is the Good Night Offer download restriction between the hours of 1am and 9am?
  • According to the Fair Usage Policy, users can download as much as they like under the 1GB download limit.
  • What is the process for unsubscribing from this newsletter?

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