Zong Monthly Power Pack 500

Zong Monthly Power Pack 500

Subscription Code and Detail Zong Monthly Power Pack 500

The Zong Monthly Power Pack 500 Starter Bundle is now available as part of the Zong Power Pack SIMS package. In Pakistan, Zong is a well-known telecom firm that offers exceptional value to its clients. Zong has a number of Power Pack SIM Offers to choose from, depending on your needs. There are several Zong Power Pack SIMS Offers to choose from, each of which may be subscribed to for a different amount of time based on your needs.

PackageZong Monthly Power Pack 500
Subscription Fee Rs. 500 Incl. Tax
Internet2 GB Internet
On-Net Minutes1000 Minutes
OFF-Net Minutes50 Minutes
Duration30 Days
How to Subscribe*70#

The Zong Power Pack SIMS Monthly Power Pack 500 is one of three bundles available (Starter Package). For Rs. 500, you can obtain a month’s worth of on-net minutes, off-net minutes, 1000 SMS, and 2500 MB of mobile internet access (incl. tax).

Zong provides to its customer’s a wide range of call packages and internet packages at a reasonable price on the basis of daily, weekly and monthly.

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Terms & Condition

  • Customers who have purchased a Power Pack SIM card are eligible for this deal.
  • A Power Pack SIM is available from a ZONG franchise or merchant near you.
  • On the 30th call setup at 23:59 hours, the Zong Star Pre-Load Monthly Power Pack SIM 500 will expire. A charge of RS.0.15/= is applied to each outgoing call (includes tax).
  • On all networks, SMS is available.
  • The offer is only valid for a short time, and the firm maintains the right to change it at any time.
  • When the package expires, the rate will be re.1/MB.
  • If you use data without subscribing to a bundle, you will receive a deduction of RS 4+Tax/MBs.
  • The web pages accessed, the SIM card used, the device utilized, the number of concurrent users, and the time of day all influence internet speed.
  • Powerpack SIMs come with an RS.25/= FAT.

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