Zong Super Weekly Max Bundle

Zong Super Weekly Max Bundle

Subscription Code and Detail of Zong Super Weekly Max Bundle

Zong’s Super Weekly Max Bundle’s perks have been enhanced. With this bid, Zong subscribers can now get 30 GB of internet for the entire week. You may now stay in touch with your loved ones at all times. You must spend Rs. 230 plus tax to take advantage of this discount. After you subscribe to this auction, you will receive 30 GB. One of them, with a capacity of 15 GB, can be used just for Youtube.

PackageZong Super Weekly Max Bundle
Subscription FeeRs.300 Incl. Tax
Internet30 GB (15 GB + 15 GB Data for YouTube)
Duration7 Days
How to SubscribeDial *220#

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Terms & Conditions

  • :The 10 GB YouTube volume includes Tapmad TV services.
  • A 12.5 percent Advance Income Tax is applied to any recharge (AIT).
  • There is a 19.5 percent sales tax on use (GST).
  • Consumers will be rerouted to their respective base pricing after the out-of-bundle rate of Rs. 1/MB expires.
  • To unsubscribe from the auction, customers must first text unsub to 6464. Customers will then phone *220# to re-subscribe to the deal.
  • If a Zong customer purchases the package twice, he or she will be charged twice.

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