Honor CMO Teases 60 Series Smartphones

Honor CMO Teases 60 Series Smartphones

Honor is getting ready to debut its newest smartphone line. Jiang Hairong-Harrison, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), alluded to the introduction of a new smartphone on November 22nd in a post on his official Weibo account (today).

With photos of a starry sky, Hairong-Harrison hyped the latest release, proclaiming (Google Translate) “the 2021 mobile phone seems worth the ceiling.”

Three photographs in the linked article imply a new night sky mode.

The Honor 60 series is rumored to be the forthcoming device. According to previous rumors, the series will be released later this year.

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Previous leaks showed teaser photographs of the smartphone’s shape against a starry background. The Honor 60 series will be released, according to Hairong-announcement. Harrison’s

The company has yet to provide more information. According to previous rumors, three versions will be released: a base, a Pro, and a SE variation.

According to rumors and leaks, the new edition will come with 66W quick charging for both the vanilla and Pro models. The SE model will have a 40W quick-charging capability.

Honor has yet to publicly announce the release of the new series, despite the fact that the smartphones have already passed the Chinese 3C certification.

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