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Jazz WhatsApp Packages in 2021 for Daily, Weekly & Monthly

You Need to Know About Jazz WhatsApp Packages/Bundles

WhatsApp is very common and popular for all kinds of communication in our lives. Jazz WhatsApp Packages are very affordable for users to stay active on social media on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Jazz users using prepaid SIMs can take advantage of these packages and offers. All Jazz WhatsApp Packages users can use WhatsApp to connect with their friends and family at any time. They can share photos, make audio and video calls.

Jazz brings a mouth-watering WhatsApp package to WhatsApp users who spend most of their time online. It is a blessing in disguise for WhatsApp users to take advantage of such an affordable WhatsApp package. You have plenty of MB for the whole month to share documents, audio, and video files without fear. See pack details below. Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Package for the prepaid customers gives you the freedom to use Jazz WhatsApp Package Monthly freely for the whole month, even if you have no internet data.

Jazz Whatsapp Package Monthly

With this package, you also need to use the data for IMO to connect with your loved ones abroad. Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Package costs 99 Pakistani rupees. In addition, this package contains 5000 MBs of internet data for WhatsApp only and 12000 free SMS. The time limit is one month. Compared to daily and weekly, Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Bundle is the best in terms of volume. 5000 MBs data is enough to communicate through WhatsApp. The second bundle may end up with their quantity and the user has to reactivate them. See details of the Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Package below.

Jazz offers a great monthly WhatsApp package for users so that they can spend less time subscribing to the packages again and again. Using this affordable WhatsApp package is a must for WhatsApp users. During the month you have plenty of data to share documents, audio, and video files without having to worry.

  • Price: Rs.99 Including Tax
  • Balance Require: Rs. 110
  • Detail: 5 GB WhatsApp, Facebook, IMO and 12000 SMS
  • Validity: 30 Days
  • How To Subscribe: Dial *661#
  • To Check Remaining Bundle: Dial *661*02#
  • For More Info: Dial *661*03#
  • To Unsubscribe: Dial *661*04#

Jazz Whatsapp Packages Weekly

In the weekly category, Jazz offers some very convenient and inexpensive WhatsApp packages for prepaid users. See below for package price, activation, deactivation, and details. If you would like to take advantage of the 7 Day / 1 Week Jazz Free WhatsApp Package, use the activation code below. You will also find the balance and other details for the Jazz Weekly WhatsApp package as follow.

In the case of the weekly Jazz WhatsApp package, the price is Rs. In weekly packages, Jazz also offers some very convenient and economical WhatsApp packages for its customers. Users who cannot subscribe to Jazz WhatsApp packages daily can get this offer to enjoy the whole week. Some packages do not provide enough internet data for users who are ore social activities.

We believe that this special bundle is priced at just over Rs. 20 and if you need it, it can be a great help in connecting you through WhatsApp. The Jazz Weekly WhatsApp package has 25 MBs for 7 days. To activate you can activate the offer by dialing *101*1*07#.

Jazz Weekly WhatsApp & SMS Package

The network of Mobilink gives an offer with 7 days of validity just in Rs. 20. This off provides 25 MBs of WhatsApp and 1500 SMS. If you avail of this offer, then follow the given instruction below.

  • Price: Rs.20 Including Tax
  • Balance Require: Rs. 23
  • Incentive: 25 MBs for WhatsApp, 1500 SMS
  • Validity: 7 Days
  • How to Subscribe: Dial *101*1*07#
  • To Check the Remaining Bundle: Dial *101*2*07#
  • For More Info: Dial *101*3*07# 
  • To Unsubscribe: Dial *101*4*07# 

Jazz Weekly Social Bundle for WhatsApp, Facebook & IMO

  • Price: Rs.89 Including Tax
  • Balance Require: Rs. 100
  • Incentive: 5 GB WhatsApp, Facebook, IMO & YouTube
  • Validity: 7 Days
  • To Activate: Dial *660#
  • To Check Remaining Bundle: Dial *660*02#
  • For More Info: Dial *660*03# 
  • To Unsubscribe: Dial *660*04#

Haftawar Data Offer

Offer 3 Gb data and free WhatsApp 300 jazz minutes in rs. 44.5 Mobilink Karachi, Hyderabad & Badin Haftawar data offers (Incl. Tax). Download the full list of regions in which this deal applies. Enjoy the weekly bid, therefore.

  • Price: Rs.70 Including Tax
  • Balance Require: Rs. 80
  • Incentive: 3 GB internet + 10 GB WhatsApp & 500 On-net minutes
  • Validity: 7 Days
  • To Activate: Dial *545#
  • To Check Remaining Bundle: Dial *545*2#
  • For More Info: Dial *545*3# 
  • To Unsubscribe: Dial *545*4#

Note: The offer is applicable in Jhampir, Karachi, Keti Bandar, Matli, Matitari, Mirpur Bathoro, Naukot, Noori Abad, Sujawal, Tando Bago, Tando Ghulam Ali, Tando Jan Mukhammad, Tando Muhammad, Tandem Khan, Thana Bula Khan, And Thatta Makli, and in the following Cities, Badin, Jamali Jamali, Darro, Garho, Gharo Khan, Golarchi Hyderabad, Jamshoro, Jati.

Jazz Daily Whatsapp Packages

The option of subscribing to any package for 1 day or 24 hours is really good considering the really important need that we have. With Jazz’s Jazz Daily WhatsApp Package for a very low fee, you can get some important MBs of data to connect through WhatsApp and also get a lot of SMS. Check out the subscription code and price of the Jazz Daily WhatsApp package below.

In the daily bundle, Jazz introduced just one internet bundle with some MB and lots of SMS. However, they can also help in checking the status on the MB WhatsApp and checking the SMS from your loved ones. However, the lowest package provides the user with 10Mbs of data for 24 hours. Either way, it’s great for customers with very little left credit. So, dial *334# to activate it.

These bundles are suitable for users who want to use WhatsApp only for certain messages as this package includes 1800 SMS for all networks. And these messages can be used anywhere and any time of the day. With this package, you will also get an SMS bundle for sending free messages.

Jazz WhatsApp Daily Offer

  • Price: Rs.2 Including Tax
  • Balance Require: Rs. 3
  • Incentive: 200 MBs for WhatsApp
  • Validity: 1 Day
  • To Activate: Dial *311#
  • To Check Remaining Bundle: Dial *311*02# 
  • For More Info: Dial *311*03# 
  • To Unsubscribe: Dial *311*04# 

This offer is only for particular areas and automatically activated.

Special Daily Whatsapp Package

  • Price: Rs.15 Including Tax
  • Balance Require: Rs. 18
  • Incentive: 500 MB WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter
  • Validity: 1 Day
  • To Activate: Dial *455# or *968#
  • To Check Remaining Bundle: Dial *455*02# 
  • For More Info: Dial *455*03# 
  • To Unsubscribe: Dial *455*04#

Daily Whatsapp & SMS Package

  • Price: Rs. 7.2 Including Tax
  • Balance Require: Rs. 9
  • Incentive: 10 MB WhatsApp & 1800 SMS
  • Validity: 1 Day
  • To Activate: Dial *334#
  • To Check Remaining Bundle: Dial *334*02# 
  • For More Info: Dial *334*03# 
  • To Unsubscribe: Dial *334*04# 

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WhatsApp is now the most common chat application in the world including over 1.5 billion monthly active users. In Pakistan, the software often actively used by government officials for communication due to its secure end-to-end encryption. End-to-end encryption (E2EE) is a form of secure communication that prevents third-parties from accessing data as it’s transferred from one end system or computer to the next. The Jazz number can be reviewed and their SIM is enabled for the ex-customers who wish to join Mobilink again.

WhatsApp can be used by all jazz users to communicate with friends and family every time. You can exchange images, make audio and video calls. Those people who use Whatsapp to interact should then search packages for Jazz WhatsApp because they’re specifically built for them.

The Jazz website provides a family of prepaid and post-paid customers internet packages, while prepay users enjoy jazz call packages at lower rates. Jazz also provides free Mbs to use WhatsApp for other Internet packages. The largest mobile operator in Pakistan with over 59 million users is Mobilink. Jazz has been a global leader for over 20 years with mainstream ideas, the most strong brands, and the greatest mix of digital value-added services.

Terms & Conditions

  • Offer can be changed at any time without notice.
  • Again 5 / MB will apply if you do not have internet package.
  • Rs 0.06 Remaining internet MB and charges for accuracy check.
  • Improper calls and SMS can be reported to the sender number (SPACE) 9000 – PTA
  • The actual speed of the internet will depend on a number of factors, such as devices, page views, distance to 2G / 3G and 4G positions, and more.

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