New Windows Zero-Day Grants Local Admin Access

New Windows Zero-Day Grants Local Admin Access

Every day, it seems like a new local zero-day vulnerability grants admin rights on Windows, and today is no different. A vulnerability has been publicly revealed that allows anyone with normal privileges to open a command prompt with SYSTEM level access.

Threat actors could use this flaw to raise their privileges and grant significantly more access than they’re supposed to have by using the elevated command prompt. A system running Windows 10, Windows 11, or Windows Server 2022 could be hacked.

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Abdelhamid Naceri, a researcher, uncovered the flaw and published it on GitHub. BleepingComputer evaluated the issue on a Windows PC running Windows 10 21H1 build 19043.1348 and discovered that “gaining SYSTEM privileges from a test account with ‘Standard’ privileges took only a few seconds.”

He highlighted substantially reduced payments for reporting vulnerabilities when questioned by BleepingComputer why he chose to publicly reveal the vulnerability rather than submitting it to Microsoft’s bug bounty program. “Since April 2020, Microsoft bounties have been trashed; I wouldn’t do it if MSFT hadn’t made the decision to lower those bounties,” Naceri added.

Because this is a local attack, the person would have to physically access your machine. However, as previously said, gaining enhanced access just takes a few seconds, so they won’t be in possession for long. This is an issue you should be aware of, and you should download the fix as soon as Microsoft releases one.

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