Oppo Smartphone Camera Leaked Under-Display

In December last year, as during 2019 Future Technology Conference in Shenzen, China, Oppo first showcase this is under-display camera technology. Nearly one year later, another Oppo cellphone camera prototype was leaked on the internet, showing a wide screen.

Oppo Smartphone

The world’s first professionally displayed camera telephone already is published by Chinese telephones ZTE, though the camera lacks consistency as it’s unique in the world. From the other hand, Oppo ‘s innovation will boost this.

Other companies like Xiaomi, while we do still need to see an enterprise prototype, are also working on the same technology. In any case, before the next year we would not expect to see a Xiaomi computer with a display camera, as is the case with Oppo.

Like many of the previously displayed below-display camera phones, Oppo’s version features full-screen design without smash-holes or noises. The picture doesn’t really show the back of the device but a patent from Oppo which indicates that the phone may have a circular primary camera similar to the Oppo Reno Ace 2 and Ace 3, which was originally written on Smartphones.

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