Prize Bond Result 1500 Check Online Complete List

prize bod 1500 list
Prize Bond Result 1500 Check Online Complete List

Check Online Prize Bond Rs. 1500 Draw Result

Check online Prize Bond Result 1500 complete list. The results of an online search of previous drawings from Pacific national savings on this page with full descriptions of prize bonds First, Second and Third are available for download on this page. The results are available online for download. The national prize bond, Rs. 1500, is a medium-range bond that has a lot of awards and each has short-term access. If you receive a first or second prize, the buyers of this worthy 1500 price bond should be wealthy. And the third award is also the low-level monthly pay of a civil servant. The 1500 award bond list on the page displays results or results from current and past years.

1500 Rs. Prize Bond withdraw has the following prizes:

  • First Prize: Rs. 3,000,000 / 1 Prize
  • Second Prize: Rs. 1,000,000 / 3 Prizes
  • Third Prize: Rs. 18,500 / 1696 Prizes

People may invest their money in the most successful prize bond scheme by buying the prize bond with their names. You must visit the State Bank of Pakistan’s official website, to learn about the denominations of award bonds and the prize bond schedule 2021 and prize bond drawing result of 2021, declared twice a month, first every month, and the second month on the fifteenth of each month. The national prize bond website also provides full information about the prize bond and its draw sum in each denomination, including a number of winning prize bond numbers.

Rs. 1500 Prize Bond Draw Result

The people should be happy as the Pakistani Government and SBP introduced a prize obligation system for people who save their earnings and want to invest them in a scheme that is not only secure but also offers them the opportunity to win the prizes.

The State Bank of Pakistan has announced various rules and regulations for the purpose of announcing the result for a prize bond 2021 and people are expected to obey these rules when they buy or sell prize bonds and they also adhere to the rules when they obtain a prize bond amount of 1500 results 2021. Every prize bond’s award money will determine every person’s fate and make them rich in a few days. You must check the full details of the award bond and its premium and additional information on the 2021 prize bond draw outcome.

If you win any bonus bonds, you need to contact the nearest CDNS or SBP branch and follow the instructions in order to collect the prize bond reward. They should bear in mind that within 6 years of the draw announcement, they will get the reward sum on their 1500 prize bond 2021, and the prize bond owner must send paperwork like the CNIC, and sign on the reverse side of the original award bond and fill out the form before getting the prize bond.

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The important information of the prize bond and its draw is provided online and the people need to read them carefully and ensure understanding them before buying the prize bond and join this prize bond scheme.

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