1500 Prize Bond List 2024 Draw Date and Result

Prize Bond List 1500 check online

Check Online Prize Bond List 1500 Upcoming & Previously Draw Result

Online check and download the prize bond list 1500 at this page. Here, all upcoming and last draw results list available and you can check any time your corresponding bond numbers. The prize bond of 1500 is issued for both the people and even the people are persuaded to spend their precious money throughout this denomination.

Winners Amounts

PrizesPrize BondNo. of PrizesWinning Amount
1stRs. 150013000000
2ndRs. 150031000000
3rdRs. 1500169618500

Prize Bond has been one of the most effective methods in a short time to achieve money. Happiness is an important aspect of winning a prize bond. The prize bond system is known as that of the investment of gold and then as the bearer of protection in Pakistan. It’s not just the easiest way, but a legal source to attempt a draw today to win prize bonds.

Prize Bond List Schedule 2024 Draw Dates & City (January to December)

Previous All 1500 Prize Bond Lists

Draw#Prize BondDraw DateCityView
#97Rs. 150015 Feb, 24LahoreView List
#98Rs. 150015 May, 24KarachiComing soon
#99Rs. 150015 Aug, 24MultanComing soon
#100Rs. 150015 Nov, 24RawalpindiComing soon

National Saving Schemes of Pakistan

State Bank of Pakistan has launched the prize bond project around for citizens having limited income and so they can increase their living standards by investing their amounts in the prize bond schemes.

The national award bond website also lists sufficient information about the winning bond and how much they get for each denomination with the amount of winning prize bond numbers. It is to appease people as the Pakistani government and the SBP launched this prize bond scheme for the people who save their income because they want to invest in a really scheme, this is not only secure but also provides the chance to impress the prizes.

This page is also describe for various award bondholders of different classes. Undoubtedly better than the investment of foreign exchange is the pricing bond method. This can be a wonderful chance to fulfil your dreams by winning a reward bond. This page provides you with online numbers for prize bonds. Actually input the ideal denomination details, time range and choose the draw date for inspection.

Draw of 1500 Prize Bond Result

This is perhaps the most famous prize bond for a reasonable price and enhances its efficiency of all nations. Average businessmen and nice pay packages earn very decent payout distribution only for saving bonds. The 1500 prize bonds are scheduled each year in February, May, August, and November. Each year the result for prize bonds 1500 thus has 04 draws which follow a three-month interval.

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