Rs. 1500 Prize Bond List, Draw#84, Held in Quetta, On 16 November 2020

prize bod 1500 list

See Draw#84, of Rs. 1500 Prize Bond complete List which is held in Quetta on November 16, 2020 will be uploaded at this page. In Quetta, which is the well-known city of Pakistan, Rs 1500 prize bond draw result on 16-11-2020 will be held. Therefore, you can access award list from here online check of prize bond 1500/- Rs. from below.

1500 Rs. Prize Bond withdraw has the following prizes:

First Prize: Rs. 3000000 / 1 Prize

Second Prize: Rs. 1000000 / 3 Prizes

Third Prize: Rs. 18500 / 1696 Prizes

Notice that all Rs 1500 prize bond information is obtained from third party sources on 16-Nov-2020 list in Quetta. You can visit official websites on national savings for the right and accurate news about Pakistan’s economy and prize bond.

Draw#84 of Rs. 1500 Prize Bond Full List See Online Check

First Prize Bond Number of Rs. 1500 (Rs. 3000000 / 1 Prize)


Second Prize Bond Numbers of Rs. 1500 (Rs. 1000000 / 3 Prizes)


Third Prize Number Rs. 1500 (Rs. 18500 / 1696 Prizes)

Rs. 1500 Prize Bond List
Rs. 1500 Prize Bond List,

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