Realme Pakistan ranks highest 1 in smartphone category (GMV) in the category of Daraz11 11 Sales

Realme, a young development trendsetting company, was just listed as the fastest-growing brand in the 50 million smartphone sales milestone by Counterpoint’s smartphone report Q3 2020.

Realme has also collaborated with for Daraz 10 10 sales and is now the second-most sold brand, taking excellent devices to outstanding price ranges.

Realme Pakistan

Recent times, the brand has released its 65W look forward to gaining phone in Pakistan, the 7 Pro and the C15 domain, 6000mAh, alongside four AIoT smart products.

With a 65W SuperDart power adapter, which comes with a 6.5 ampere adapter, Realme 7 Pro battery is charged at 100 percent in just 34 minutes. It is truly Pakistan’s fastest charging telephone as an example of the new tech philosophy with Reale 7 Pro.

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The royal buddies air pro include aggressive noise and shock resistant reduction. TWS are tough to locate in the budget range offered with some of these premium requirements. The realm sonic toothbrush is another product for smart lifestyles.

All these newly released goods are available at Daraz 11.11 live exclusive flash prices until 17 November 2020.

It seems to have a higher frequencies sonic motor which gives you a battery life of 130 days so that you can use it only three to four times every day for a year. This is the leap toward creating an intelligent house in Smartcam 360.

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Besides the 50 million units milestone, Realme also reported 14.8 million in the level of successful quarterly shipments as the most rapidly expanding global brand in Q3, as its quarter-wide growth rate rose at 132 percent.

The chip offers simple images, algorithms to minimise noise and speakback with 128 GB expansion of memory card and a high-quality WiFi chip.

Realme Pakistan would really like to express appreciation for all their support to its customers and fans. In just two years, they are an important part of a realm’s success that drives realm development into the largest rising world smartphone brand.

In making the life cooler for true supporters, the product range was extended to the growing significantly category N of Pakistan’s sector.

Realme 7pro is available nationwide from today for offline selling & Realme C15 600mAh powerhouse from tomorrow will be available nationwide.

The stylish, but cost-effective, smart watch S. It comes with a 1.3-inch round screen dial, auto-highness adjustment, and sixteen sports modes, which provide real-time cardiac and oxygen monitoring in the category of intelligent living models.

Realme Pakistan is recognised by Daraz 11 11 Sale as the country’s top sale smartphone brand. On Daraz 11 11 the Gross Product volume is higher than the leading marks on smartphones.

The top 1 spot in the South Asian region was also guaranteed for Daraz 10 10 in addition to this.

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