Samsung Backtracks on Exynos Launch for November 19

Samsung Backtracks on Exynos Launch for November 19

The Samsung Exynos account on Instagram posted teasers earlier this week that plainly indicated at a forthcoming chipset unveiling. This caused everyone to believe that a big surprise was coming next week, but that this is no longer the case.

On November 19, the Korean phone maker declared on Twitter that there will be no new chipset. Despite the fact that the teasers were quite obvious and released by Samsung Exynos itself, the tweet claims that “despite the rumors, we don’t have any Exynos-related plans.” It appears that there was an unexpected last-minute change of plans.

Instead, on November 19, the corporation plans to disclose adjustments to its social media profiles. On November 19, it looks that the Samsung Exynos account will merge with the SamsungDSGlobal account. “We are transitioning to our new social channel on November 19th,” Samsung writes on Instagram. “Be on the lookout.”

This isn’t quite as thrilling as we had hoped for. Samsung has a few new Exynos chipsets in the works for us, but we’re not sure when we’ll get to see them. Although an announcement of an Exynos x AMD chip is unlikely, we might hope to see the rumored Exynos 1280 cheap chip in the near future.

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