How to Answer “What Motivates You” in Interview Question

Why is it important to know?

The answer can be very different, and when you look at it closely, it’s unlikely to be what you first assumed. You may believe that money motivates you, but what actually motivates you is the need to feel accomplished. You may believe you desire respect, but what you really want is a celebrity.

Others should not judge you for your motivations, and you should not judge others. But, regardless of your reasons, it’s critical to understand them so you can effectively push yourself in the short and long term, when things are going well and when they aren’t.

What is the significance of knowing?

For a variety of reasons, it’s critical to understand your motivations.

To begin with, it’s typical for others to inquire about your motivations in both professional and social settings. In a job interview, for example, your future employer will want to know that you have goals, objectives, and a sense of self-awareness.

People are more likely to appreciate you in a social environment if you know where you’re headed.

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What does it reveal?

What motivates you, when you ask yourself that question? It will disclose a great deal about you. Perhaps you’ll realize that money isn’t what drives you, and that what you really desire is to be creative.

You can see how this is why your earnings haven’t been as good as you had hoped, since anytime you’ve had to choose between passion and profit, you’ve chosen passion.

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it,” says a happy woman carrying a basket of pebbles on her head. Lou Holtz (Lou Holtz)

Know About Yourself

To figure out what motivates you, you must first figure out who you are. Journaling, meditation, and asking others are three methods for getting to know yourself.

Consider your past, current, and future activities and ideals, and evaluate what has been consistent over time. As your mind calms down and you get a better look at your ideas, meditation will expose your motivations.

Finally, don’t overlook the importance of asking others what motivates them. Others can see how we act and may be able to deduce why, although we are partly blinded by our own self-perception.

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Put yourself in different situations

You will never truly understand your reasons if you have been stuck in the same routine for years. This is because we become habitually driven, and we may not be traveling far enough outside of our comfort zones to allow our true motives to emerge

You can discover your boundaries and what kinds of thoughts and rewards can give you an extra push when you are under stress and pressure by putting yourself in various scenarios.

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