Prize Bond 15000 List 2021 Check Online All Draw Result

15000 Prize Bond List 2021

Online Check Prize Bond List of Rs. 15000

All latest and previous Prize Bond List 2021 of Rs. 15000 and schedule can be check online and download here. Those who wish to purchase the prize bond for their chosen name can get the information on national savings 15000 online. To learn about the voting dates for the 15000 Rs. prize bonds, please visit the official website of SBP or

Prize Bond is normally without any interest or premium an investment made by the general public. All authorized banks do this on behalf of the Government. However, the award and cash prize does not rely on luck for an individual. But gladly, if you win the Reward chain, you can fulfill your wishes and dreams. Short-term pricing is known to be an easy way to earn.

In last year, I invested prize bond list 15000 so far, I haven’t won anything and I still have 15000 worth of bonds. My plan was to keep them for 12 months before reviewing whether I should keep them or not.


15000 Prize Bond Winners Amounts

PrizesPrize BondNo. of PrizesWinning Amount
1stRs. 15000130000000
2ndRs. 15000310000000
3rdRs. 150001696185000

Draw List Result of All Previous Prize Bond of Rs. 15000

Draw#Prize BondDraw DateCityView
#86Rs. 1500001-Apr-2021HyderabadView List
#85Rs. 1500004-Jan-2021MuzaffarabadView List
#84Rs. 1500001-Oct-2020MultanView List
#83Rs. 1500002-Jul-2020HyderabadView List
#82Rs. 1500001-Apr-2020FaisalabadView List
#81Rs. 1500002-Jan-2020QuettaView List
#80Rs. 1500001-Oct-2019MuzaffarabadView List
#79Rs. 1500002-Jul-2019FaisalabadView List
#78Rs. 1500001-Apr-2019RawalpindiView List
#77Rs. 1500002-Jan-2019KarachiView List
#76Rs. 1500001-Oct-2018PeshawarView List
#75Rs. 1500003-Jul-2018LahoreView List
#74Rs. 1500002-Apr-2018MultanView List
#73Rs. 1500002-Jan-2018MuzaffarabadView List
#72Rs. 1500002-Oct-2017MultanView List
#71Rs. 1500004-Jul-2017MuzaffarabadView List
#70Rs. 1500003-Apr-2017LahoreView List
#69Rs. 1500003-Jan-2017RawalpindiView List
#68Rs. 1500003-Oct-2016FaisalabadView List
#67Rs. 1500004-Jul-2016QuettaView List
#66Rs. 1500001-Apr-2016HyderabadView List
#65Rs. 1500004-Jan-2016KarachiView List
#64Rs. 1500001-Oct- 2015MuzaffarabadView List
#63Rs. 1500002-Jul-2015HyderabadView List
#62Rs. 1500001-Apr-2015QuettaView List
#61Rs. 1500002-Jan-2015LahoreView List
#60Rs. 1500001-Oct-2014MuzaffarabadView List
#59Rs. 1500002-Jul-2014MultanView List
#58Rs. 1500001-Apr-2014RawalpindiView List
#57Rs. 1500002-Jan-2014KarachiView List
#56Rs. 1500001-Oct-2013RawalpindiView List
#55Rs. 1500002-Jul-2013MuzaffarabadView List
#54Rs. 1500001-Apr-2013PeshawarView List
#53Rs. 1500002-Jan-2013MultanView List
#52Rs. 1500001-Oct-2012RawalpindiView List
#51Rs. 1500003-Jul-2012MuzaffarabadView List
#50Rs. 1500002-Apr-2012HyderabadView List
#49Rs. 1500003-Jan-2012FaisalabadView List

Key Specification About Rs. 15000 Prize Bond

Rs. 15000 Prize bond draw result are provided by National Savings and Investment, backed by HM Treasury, so your capital is perfectly safe. According to the National Savings and Investment website, 26 26 billion worth of bonds have been issued so far. The interest rate used to calculate the prize fund is 3.60% (since February 2007), there are 1,417,836 prizes per month and the total value of the prize fund is 102.1 million dollars. Prizes are tax-free and range between in different for your capacity.

To be eligible to purchase a prize bond list 15000, you must be at least 16 years of age and have to invest at least 15000 Prize bonds can be purchased as a gift by parents and grandparents for a child under 16 years of age. The highest bond that can be invested is 15000.

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The prize bond list 15000 sold is entitled to enter the million jackpot every month and despite the fact that you cannot expect a monthly payment from this bond, you are also open to more than one million cash prizes. With this bond you can get your money back at any time you want to cash, plus people can expect to invest up to about 15000 with a bond. This is great for people who are looking for a long term investment but want to invest their money without a monthly return.

Pakistan National Saving Scheme

In accordance with the already issue schedule two or three times a month, the Central Directorate of National Savings is responsible for supplying the prize bonds 15000 and the prize bonds are drawn. The 15 000 draw prize bond is advertised in every major city in Pakistan every 3 months and the 15000 draw prize bond is declared and is released throughout Pakistan. The prize bonds of various denominations are drawn in total by 32 and the authority concerned has provided the entire schedule for the prize bond declaration.

This means that if you cannot expect an increase in interest rates over a period of time, the interest on your bonds will be modest, but this is usually after many years. You can also choose to sell your 15000 prize bond list of January 2021 when interest rates are low or you feel you need the money for something else.

Today, 15000 prize bond list of July 2021 are more popular than ever, partly thanks to the introduction of a tax-free 1 million jackpot in April 1994 and their favorable odds over the national lottery. As of September 2004, 23 million investors participated in a 24,000 to 1 chance of winning a prize, although an analysis of past results data shows that some factors can improve your results.

Brief History of Bonds

As bonds established a place in British culture, their success led to the emergence of an amazing celebrity – ERNIE. During his time in Bleachley Park, he was instrumental in breaking the code. Shortly after the first draw in 1957, ERNIE’s fans moved on to hope for their luck from the mail bondholders, and the coaches arrived at Blackpool to see the van-sized machine. As the number of investors increased and technology improved, ERNIE needed a specialist elevator with new models appearing in 1973 and 1988. Finally, ERNIE Mark 4 came into effect in 2004 and reduced the draw time from 10 days to two and a half hours.


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So if you want to deposit a lot of money into a high investment savings account, which you don’t need access to, investing in a fixed-term savings bond can make sense.

If you have about 15000 and are looking for a bond that offers variable interest rates and monthly payments, this is the right type of bond for you. You have access to your money through income bonds. You also get a bonus rate of over 15000.

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