Mohammad Hasnain’s bowling action declared illegal, will not play PSL 2022

Mohammad Hasnain's bowling action declared illegal, will not play PSL 2022
Mohammad Hasnain’s bowling action declared illegal, will not play PSL 2022

Cricket Australia (CA) has barred Pakistani fast bowler Mohammad Hasnain from bowling after declaring his bowling action “illegal” today.

Umpire Gerard Abood reported the Pakistani pacer after he bowled in the Big Bash League (BBL) match between Sydney Thunders and Adelaide Strikers on January 2 at Sydney Showground Stadium.

According to the Suspected Illegal Bowling Action Procedures, Hasnain was supposed to be tested at an ICC-approved facility in Brisbane within the 14-day timetable and before departing Australia.

After he and other players were called back early for the Pakistan Super League (PSL), it was agreed that he would take his test at a PCB-approved facility in Lahore, with the findings sent to CA for independent evaluation and verification.

“This procedure is now complete,” the CA said in a statement, “with Hasnain’s action being judged to be illegal by the PCB’s testing laboratory and the report reviewed and verified by CA’s independent expert.”

Hasnain is presently playing for Quetta Gladiators in the ongoing Pakistan Super League season. He was, however, dropped from the starting XI minutes before the game started last night.

PCB to appoint bowling consultant

“We’d like to commend Mohammad Hasnain, the Pakistan Cricket Board, Cricket NSW, and Sydney Thunder for their cooperative and respectful approach to this process – particularly given the logistical challenges around travel and testing,” said Peter Roach, Cricket Australia’s Head of Cricket Operations and Scheduling.

“CA’s independent expert is confident that Mohammad accurately duplicated his bowling action in the controlled environment during testing,” he stated.

Given the collaborative nature of this process, Cricket Australia is certain that the PCB will assist Mohammad in rectifying his actions, according to Peter Roach.

“We wish Mohammad the best in the coming months and hope to see him in Australia again in the future.”

Out of PSL

The PCB announced in a statement following the assessment on Hasnain’s bowling action that the pacer would stay suspended and that a bowling consultant would be recruited to work with him.

“The PCB received a formal and thorough report from Cricket Australia on Mohammad Hasnain’s assessment test today, which showed that his elbow extension for his decent length delivery, full-length delivery, slow bouncer, and bouncer exceeded the 15-degree limitations,” read a statement from the PCB.

“After discussing the report with its own bowling experts, the PCB is sure that the issue can be remedied.” The PCB will now employ a bowling consultant to work with Mohammad Hasnain to improve his bowling action and prepare for a review.”

Mohammad Hasnain is a valuable asset for Pakistan, according to the PCB, and one of the few bowlers who routinely hits 145 km/h.

“As a result, and in the interests of his future and Pakistan’s, the PCB has determined, on the recommendation of the HBL PSL 2022 Technical Committee, that he will not be allowed to continue to compete in the HBL Pakistan Super League.”

The bowler will use this time to work with a bowling consultant chosen by the PCB to change his bowling action so that he can seek a reassessment and return to international cricket as soon as feasible. According to the board, Mohammad Hasnain will be barred from bowling in international cricket until he clears his evaluation under the Illegal Bowling Action Regulations.

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