Sania mirza wants Shoaib Malik to play a few more years

Sania mirza wants Shoaib Malik to play a few more years
Sania mirza wants Shoaib Malik to play a few more years

Sania Mirza, an Indian tennis player, wants her Pakistani husband Shoaib Malik, a senior all-rounder, to continue playing for a few more years due to his fitness.

Malik just turned 40, but it doesn’t appear that he has any plans to stop doing what he enjoys. In an exclusive interview with Cricket Pakistan, Sania revealed that Malik is extremely fit and that her husband is the epitome of a healthy lifestyle.

“Shoaib is remarkable and extremely fortunate. To stay at his best, he puts in a lot of effort. He is a great example of how to live a healthy lifestyle. He can definitely, in my opinion, and I have told him, play for two more years if he can mentally handle the strain.

Sania also talked about her goals for the future, which include creating a business or working in the entertainment world alongside Malik.

“We both had a great time at the introduction of our perfume, which was a first for us.” We’re thinking about branching out and pursuing other opportunities, similar to the perfume launch.”

“You’ll have to ask Shoaib about his option,” she said, “but I’m to camera shy to be an actor.”

Sania also said that a Shoaib-Sania biopic is in the works.

” Yes, we’re talking to some people about making a biography. Because of the pandemic, the process has been greatly hindered, but we are still in contact with the folks.”

Sania went on to claim that she and Malik talk on a regular basis, but that they don’t interfere with one other’s work issues. Malik backed up her assertion that she made her retirement decision on her own.

“We respect and encourage each other, but as professional sportsmen, we always trust our instincts.” We’ve been playing for a long time. He’s always been supportive, and he’s said he’s on board with this decision.”

Sania Mirza is set to retire from tennis at the end of 2022.

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