WhatsApp now lets you set all chats to disappear by default

WhatsApp now lets you set all chats to disappear by default

Almost all of your messages can now be deleted after 1, 7, or 90 days.

WhatsApp is expanding its disappearing messages feature, which allows users to configure texts in a chat to be automatically removed after a certain amount of time has passed.

According to WhatsApp, users can now turn on disappearing messages for all-new one-on-one chats, ensuring that any future messages are instantly wiped from the service.

The messaging service, which is owned by Meta, also claims to be providing customers greater options for how long messages would be kept before being destroyed. Users could only choose to have messages disappear after seven days when the service was introduced in November of last year. However, in the future, you will be able to delete them after just 24 hours or 90 days. WABetaInfo has earlier indicated that the new feature was in the works.

WhatsApp now lets you set all chats to disappear by default

Turning on disappearing messages by default will not disrupt existing chats, according to WhatsApp. When you start a new one-on-one chat, you’ll see a notice that the disappearing messages feature is enabled, along with a remark saying it’s enabled by default (so your contacts don’t think it’s personal). You can also disable the setting for individual chats.

Although the new default setting has no effect on group chats, WhatsApp says it has added a new option to enable the disappearing messages function when creating groups.

The new capabilities are now available on all platforms, according to WhatsApp. The WhatsApp FAQ has instructions on how to utilize them3m4.

WhatsApp only provided the ability to have your messages disappear automatically last year, but the feature has since been greatly expanded. Rather than requiring you to enable disappearing messages for each individual chat, WhatsApp now allows you to make disappearing messages the default setting for all new one-on-one chats.

WhatsApp now lets you set all chats to disappear by default

These settings are useful because everyone has their own ideas about how lasting communications should be. A day is enough for some people, making interactions almost as ephemeral as real-time conversation. Others may like to maintain their conversation history for a longer period of time so that they can refer to messages as needed.

How to make all your WhatsApp messages self-destruct by default

Regardless of which side you belong to, turning on the new feature by default is straightforward enough. On both Android and iOS, go to WhatsApp Settings, hit Account > Privacy > Default message timer, and then choose how long you want new conversations’ messages to last.

Keep in mind that this only applies to one-on-one conversations. It is up to the group creator to decide how long group messages should last. It’s also conceivable that someone will screenshot or photograph your messages.

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Finally, keep in mind that this feature is only available for new discussions; you’ll have to enable it separately for each of your existing talks.

You can do that by:

  1. Opening a WhatsApp chat
  2. Clicking on the contact’s name
  3. Tapping ‘Disappearing messages’ (if prompted, tap Continue)
  4. Select 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days.

According to Whatsapp, it will also display a notice in your chats to inform the other party that you’ve set your default to disappearing messages. “Makes clear it’s nothing personal – it’s a choice you’ve made about how you want to communicate with everyone on WhatsApp moving ahead,” according to the business.

If you want to turn off disappearing messages for a specific chat, you can do so by selecting ‘Off’ instead of a timer. –theverge.com/thenextweb.com

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