Ramiz Raja Fulfils Promise to Young Fan Whose Video Went Viral

Ramiz Raja Fulfils Promise to Young Fan Whose Video Went Viral
Ramiz Raja Fulfils Promise to Young Fan Whose Video Went Viral

Ramiz Raja, the Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, has kept his promise to an 11-year-old cricket fan who was unhappy after being unable to see a PSL play live at National Stadium in Karachi. Ramiz Raja announced earlier today that minors under the age of 12 will be allowed to visit the stadiums during the PSL 7 second round.

PCB has relaxed the limits imposed due to the COVID-19 scenario in Karachi as PSL 7 goes to Lahore for the next round of entertaining cricket. The PSL matches were held with limited attendance, according to NCOC standards, and anyone under the age of twelve was not authorized to enter the stadium.

As a result of the restriction, young fans were dismayed, and a video of an eleven-year-old went viral. The young youngster complained to PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja about the scenario. Ramiz Raja acknowledged the young fan’s dismay and pledged to let children under the age of twelve watch matches in the stadium whenever the COVID-19 conditions changed. Ramiz Raja further mentioned that the league was primarily held to inspire the younger generation and to entice them to cricket.

Now that the rest of the matches are set to take place at Gaddafi Stadium, Ramiz Raja has voiced his enthusiasm at the prospect of the event being broadcast live. “The stage [of PSL] is largely set for the children,” the PCB Chairman added, beaming. I’m overjoyed that children under the age of 12 will be able to attend the game without charge.”

“We had planned to establish a Fans Park for the engagement of crowds but sadly we did not gain the authorization for it,” Ramiz Raja remarked of the PSL 7 crowd. However, he seems pleased with the number of fans who turned out for PSL 7.

The seventh edition of the Pakistan Super League will begin on February 10th at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore.

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