Ramiz Raja Responds to Viral Video of a Disappointed Young Fan

Ramiz Raja Responds to Viral Video of a Disappointed Young Fan
Ramiz Raja Responds to Viral Video of a Disappointed Young Fan

An 11-year-old cricket fan recently aired his displeasure in a video, addressing PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja, after being denied access to a PSL match at Karachi’s National Stadium. Ramiz Raja was moved by the little boy’s tearful video, and he responded to the 11-year-old, describing the difficult circumstances brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Muhammad Hamza, a little youngster, made a video outside National Stadium as he waited to see live cricket action, but he was disappointed. COVID-19 protocols prevented the young fan, who was under the age of 12, from entering the stadium. “We came to the National Stadium today, but we are not allowed to enter the stadium,” the despondent child told PCB Chairman.

We’re standing on the sidewalk.”

“I want to say that at least on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you should allow us,” the boy said to Ramiz Raja.

“It’s alright if you let us [watch the game].” “What is the goal of PSL if not to make money?” wondered the disappointed supporter.
“Hamza, I watched your video and I appreciate your emotions,” Ramiz Raja remarked in response to the fan. In the video, your enthusiasm for PSL is palpable.”


“Unfortunately, the circumstance is different owing of COVID-19, and fans under the age of 12 are not allowed to witness the match,” Ramiz Raja explained the difficult position. Otherwise, you would have been viewing all of the games live in the stadium under regular circumstances.”

“You are correct,” Ramiz Raja stated in response to the little fan’s question. The Pakistan Super League has been boosted by the presence of youngsters, and the goal of the league is to pique the interest of the next generation in cricket by bringing them to the pitch to see the professionals.”

“I understand your difficulty and I am also quite emotional,” Ramiz Raja comforted the little fan. I’ve spoken with the relevant departments about finding a space where under-12 fans m ay watch the games. But, Hamza, rules are rules. We value your feelings and enthusiasm. That’s why I felt compelled to speak with you personally.”


“All the best,” Ramiz Raja remarked, wishing the young admirer the best of luck in the future. I hope you will be watching these matches on television, and that as you progress in life, you will become an excellent cricketer as well as a good student.”

The Pakistan Super League’s seventh edition is now being played in Karachi, with a small crowd to reduce the possibility of COVID-19 spreading.

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